Candy Coral HydraMatte

If you love peach or coral LipSense, listen up! SeneGence just launched a new limited edition shade: Candy Coral HydraMatte.

HydraMatte is the latest addition to the famous LipSense®  line of lip colors. It’s a true liquid-to-matte finish lip color that stays on for up to 6 hours. Even when you’re drinking your Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Look how beautiful Candy Coral HydraMatte is:

Candy Coral HydraMatte

This color was just launched in September 2023. It’s a lovely shade just in time for fall. Think pumpkins, spice and everything nice!

Who should wear Coral Candy HydraMatte?

When it comes to makeup, there really are no rules! If a lip color makes you feel amazing, wear it. For some that’s a barely there, neutral shade. For others it’s a bright pop of color like Candy Coral!

Candy Coral HydraMatte is stunning on Carla, pictured below – she has a light skin color with warm undertone.

Candy Coral HydraMatte on light/warm skintone

But honestly it looks beautiful on a lot of people!

Here’s an image of Candy Coral HydraMatte LipSense on light, medium and deep skin tones. (Ready to grab yours? GO HERE)

Limited Edition Candy Coral HydraMatte LipSense on light, medium and deep skin tones

How is HydraMatte different from LipSense?

If you’re familiar with LipSense but are new to HydraMatte, here’s how they compare.

  • LipSense original is applied in 3 layers and comes in matte, shimmer and glitter finishes. It’s sealed with gloss
  • HydraMatte is applied in one layer, needs no gloss and has a matte finish.

The good news is, HydraMatte provides the long-lasting wear you expect from LipSense.

It may not last as long as original formula LipSense, but you still get 4-6 hours of wear.

You can also reapplied more easily than original LipSense. And it doesn’t have the “tingle” that some people experience with LipSense.

What are the ingredients in HydraMatte?

Glad you asked!

Here are three of the main ingredients that make HydraMatte unique:

  1. Aquaxyl™, a complex of nature-based sugars. This helps support and maintain collagen and elastin in the skin. It has a soft and hydrating feel, supports your skin’s moisture barrier, and optimizes moisture retention. 
  2. Humectants, including Apple Fruit Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Glycerin. These attract water and help lips retain moisture. 
  3. Shea Butter, a natural fatty oil, helps to hydrate and soften lips. 
  4. Superfruit extracts. Goji, Coffee Seed, Acai, Mangosteen, Noni, Pomegranate, and Green Tea Extract. These help protect the skin from environmental stressors such as free radicals that cause damage to the delicate skin of the lips.  

If you’d like to order Candy Coral HydraMatte or other SeneGence products, go HERE.

More about LipSense HydraMatte here.

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Candy Coral HydraMatte swatch