NEW LipSense HydraMatte

LipSense HydraMatte is a new lip color product line from SeneGence. It combines the benefits of a hydrating moisturizing lip color with a long-lasting matte finish. It has a completely different formula than regular LipSense. There is no alcohol and no “tingle”. You only apply one thin layer, and no gloss is needed.

LipSense HydraMatte - available in 7 beautiful shades

NEW LipSense HydraMatte Long-Lasting Matte Lip Color

  • One swipe and done application
  • Available in 7 stunning shades
  • Lip quenching hydration built in, no gloss needed
  • Velvety matte finish
  • 4-6 hour wear with no transfer
  • No alcohol and no “tingle”
LipSense HydraMatte - pictured on Gaebrielle is BluRed
LipSense HydraMatte in BluRed on Gaebrielle

I tried HydraMatte for the first time last month. I love the ease of application. It’s become my choice on those super busy days when I’m rushing out the door and don’t want to apply three layers (or can’t look in the mirror – hello rearview mirror makeup!). It’s easier to reapply than LipSense, and requires no separate gloss.

While it doesn’t last as long as LipSense, it’s still so simple to use that it’s earned a place in my makeup bag.

What is the difference between LipSense and HydraMatte?

For me, there is a place for both. LipSense will always be my #1 go-to lip color. But HydraMatte is so easy and takes seconds to apply.

LipSense HydraMatte - how it compares to LipSense original formula
What if matte lip color feels drying?

Some people don’t like matte lip colors because they feel too dry. Occasionally, I find that using a matte lipcolor like HydraMatte can make my lips look prune-y. Yuck!

To make sure my lips are in tip-top condition for application of a matte lip color like HydraMatte, I recommend using LipSmooth Conditioning Lip Polish first. It will gently exfoliate and moisturize. (This is part of my weekly skincare routine because it makes my lips feel and look amazing!)

You can also apply a thin layer of lip balm before HydraMatte application. As always, be sure to drink plenty of water. Lips are dehydrated easily. If you want them looking plump, stay hydrated and apply a high quality lip balm before bed.
LipSense HydraMatte
HydraMatte LipSense is available in seven beautiful shades perfect for all skin tones.

Keep in mind that because only one layer is applied, the finished product may be a bit lighter than the corresponding LipSense original formula color.

As an example, I have Bella HydraMatte. A perfect pink-brown everyday neutral, Bella is one of my favorite LipSense shades. The HydraMatte formula is lighter, closer in tone to Praline Rose. That’s fine! Just keep it in mind, and maybe go a little bolder with your color pick with HydraMatte.

Tips for perfect HydraMatte application:

  • Don’t pump the tube. Pull the applicator out and wipe off excess product.
  • Apply in a thin layer. It will last longer than a thicker layer.
  • Use the pointy tip of the applicator to line your lips with the product first. Then, fill in with color.
  • Give HydraMatte one minute to fully dry.
  • If you experience wear, go ahead and reapply a little! Unlike regular LipSense, you can easily reapply HydraMatte.

Watch this short video to see how to apply HydraMatte LipSense. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you’re ready to try HydraMatte, click HERE to order directly. Or feel free to comment below with questions and I’ll get back with you soon.

LipSense HydraMatte in the newest shade, Rich Ruby, a bold magenta
The newest shade of HydraMatte in the collection is Rich Ruby: a rich magenta red. I love it!

Is HydraMatte right for me?

HydraMatte might be perfect for you if:

  • you experience the alcohol tingle of regular LipSense
  • you love matte lip color
  • you don’t like having to apply gloss over your lip color
  • you don’t like fussing with three layer application
  • you love to try new beauty products

Click HERE to see available HydraMatte shades or to order