Bella LipSense: why you need this perfect neutral matte lip color!

Bella LipSense is the perfect starter color. It’s one of my best-selling colors and one of the company’s bestsellers too.

Bella LipSense

Bella LipSense is a wonderful everyday neutral. It’s a matte pinky-brown that looks good on everyone!

Unlike many other longwearing lip colors, LipSense doesn’t dry out your lips. My chronic chapped lips have healed since I began using LipSense exclusively. Read more here: How LipSense healed my chronic chapped lips and lip balm addiction.

Message me at to get your hands on Bella LipSense, or to ask me how to get a discount!

Bella LipSense is a gorgeous color for autumn which is coming up soon. Can you see yourself wearing it with a cardigan and brown boots?! I can.

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Available Colors

These are the LipSense colors that Carrie currently has in stock. This page will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back often!

LipSense Colors

How gorgeous ARE these LipSense colors?! If you’re not sure which color to choose, please email me for help! clauth at gmail dot com

Apple Cider

apple cider lipsense

AppleCider LipSense

Aussie Rose

aussie rose lipsense

AussieRose LipSense


Beige Champagne

beige champagne lipsense

BeigeChampage LipSense


bella lipsense

Bella LipSense


LipSense Blu Red

Blu-Red LipSense


bombshell lipsense

Bombshell LipSense

Caramel Apple

caramel apple lipsense

CaramelApple LipSense

Caramel Latte

CaramelLatte LipSense


cocoa lipsense

Cocoa LipSense

Dark Pink

Dawn Rising

dawn rising lipsense

Fire N Ice

fire n ice lipsense

FireNIce LipSense

Fly Girl

fly girl lipsense

Fly Girl LipSense


goddess lipsense

goddess lipsense

Kiss for a Cause

kiss for a cause lipsense

Lexie Bear-y

lexie beary lipsense

Luv It

Mauve Ice

Mulled Wine



Pink Champagne

pink champagne lipsense

Pink Champagne LipSense

Praline Rose

praline rose lipsense

Praline Rose LipSense

 Precious Topaz


roseberry lipsense

Roseberry LipSense

Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry shortcake lipsense

Strawberry Shortcake LipSense

One of the best ways to choose among the LipSense colors is to break them into cool and warm tones. Which looks better on your skin? And then decide if you prefer matte, or a frost or shimmer. What lip colors do you already own and are they sparkly or no?

Let me know how I can help you choose one of these stunning LipSense colors! I typically ship same day if I hear from you before my mail runs. Don’t wait too long to get your hands on one of these gorgeous shades because they sell out quickly!

LipSense Napa: my first LipSense color!

The very first LipSense color I tried was Napa. It’s a gorgeous wine color with a tiny bit of shimmer. LipSense Napa will always be a favorite shade of mine! Here’s a pic of me wearing it.

LipSense Napa

LipSense Napa
LipSense NAPA: my first LipSense color!


I couldn’t believe how my lips felt when I first applied LipSense. And it lasted 18 hours! I ate two meals, drank water, coffee and wine, brushed my teeth, went to bed… and my LipSense Napa stayed put.

The next day I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, drank coffee and water… and my LipSense Napa held out. I didn’t need to reapply it until nearly 24 hours I had first put it on.

To say nothing of kissing my husband and children.

It’s funny the cognitive dissonance I experienced after I put on my LipSense. I kept checking it in the mirror or with my finger to see if it had budged. And it never did! So weird!

My mom tried Napa too for her first color. Hers didn’t last quite as long as mine did – more like 12 hours. But we both loved the way Glossy Gloss made our lips feel. I have a bad lip biting habit and was addicted to lip balm. My mom also had very dry lips and was constantly hunting for her lipstick to reapply it.

We’re both fanatics right out of the gate!

If you would like to get more information about LipSense or how to earn extra money with the SeneGence business opportunity, please contact me here.

What do you think of the Napa color?