How to Apply LipSense (for maximum wear!)

So you’ve gotten your long-wearing lip color but it’s not lasting as long as you’d like? Fear not! Here are some tips on how to apply LipSense for maximum wear.

Prefer to watch a video for instructions? Go here: how to apply LipSense. (Opens a new window to my Facebook group.)

How to apply LipSense (for maximum wear!)

How to Apply LipSense

While there is a tiny learning curve, you got this!

Clean and dry your lips prior to application (especially after applying foundation). No lip balm or other product on. Your lips need to be clean and dry in order for LipSense to bond to your lips.

Gently shake the bottle. This distributes the pure color pigments in the liquid solution. There is a tiny ball inside the tube that will help mix up all the ingredients so that it will properly apply to your lips.

Apply 3 thin layers. You can apply 1 or 2 layers. However, you need to do all three for MAX longevity. Why? Because your saliva breaks down the first layer. And the environment breaks down the final layer. Three layers gets you that all day wear you crave!

Remove the applicator from the tube and wipe the excess off (so it goes back in the tube) and apply thin layers. Allow each layer to dry. (Not sure if it’s dry? Lightly tap your lip with a finger – if it feels tacky, the LipSense isn’t dry.) Sounds counter-intuitive, but the thicker the layers, the more of a chance it will peel. Don’t touch your lips together until the LipSense is fully dry. And don’t swipe the applicator back and forth. Apply it in one direction. (See the video on how to apply LipSense for a demonstration.)

Seal and moisturize it SeneGence gloss

It’s important that you seal the LipSense and hydrate your lips with our specially formulated glosses. (I can’t guarantee how LipSense will work without our glosses. Some of them contain ingredients that will cause LipSense to smear or flake off.) We recommend Glossy Gloss if you’re new to LipSense. Glossy is the most hydrating. But you can use any of our glosses to seal LipSense.

Click on the image to watch a video on how to apply LipSense for maximum wear.

How to apply LipSense for maximum wear

What about colors like First Love? How do I apply tricky LipSense colors?

Some LipSense colors, especially the thick matte shades like First Love, take a bit more care to apply. Click here to watch a helpful video where I’m applying First Love LipSense.

Having trouble applying your LipSense? Feel free to contact me here. We can set up a quick video chat.

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