The first time you try LipSense: get ready to have your mind.blown!

This is a quick video of the first time I tried LipSense. My brain couldn’t make sense of it. I kept looking in the mirror in disbelief… my lip color was still on after eating, drinking, brushing my teeth, etc.

My shade here is Napa. That first application stayed on beautifully for 24 hours!

LipSense and Babies!

In today’s installment of Show Us Your LipSense, we have the ultimate lipstick challenge: A Baby!

Mommas, don’t you hate it when you’re about to walk into the grocery store or somewhere else and you grab your baby out of their carseat, and they smudge your lipstick?

Not only is it all over their sweet chubby hands, but now your lips are half off!?

Or what about when your baby is sitting in your lap and they grab your face or touch your mouth and next thing you know, there’s lipstick on your shirt or theirs? Then you have extra work in the laundry trying to remove lipstick stains.

Ain’t no momma got time fo dat!

This son’t happen with LipSense. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about kissing your little one when you wear LipSense. A lot of moms stop wearing lip color when their babies are born because it’s gross to kiss your baby and get lipstick on their precious newborn skin.

Now, you can have your baby and your lipstick too!

Once again, don’t try this at home with any other lip color!


Why I joined SeneGence

In the video below, I share why I joined SeneGence International in order to sell LipSense.

I’m a busy homeschooling mom of seven kids. And I already work from home as a blogger.

However, I understand the power of direct sales and in addition to the monetary benefits, I have very personal reasons why I needed this company. In short, I watched my mom become a very successful businesswoman in direct sales.

In the video I explain:

  • Why I chose direct sales as a side hustle
  • Why I picked SeneGence in particular
  • My “why” – the reasons motivating me, both financial and deeply personal

I hope you enjoy watching it!

LipSense Napa: my first LipSense color!

The very first LipSense color I tried was Napa. It’s a gorgeous wine color with a tiny bit of shimmer.┬áLipSense Napa will always be a favorite shade of mine! Here’s a pic of me wearing it.

LipSense Napa

LipSense Napa
LipSense NAPA: my first LipSense color!


I couldn’t believe how my lips felt when I first applied LipSense. And it lasted 18 hours! I ate two meals, drank water, coffee and wine, brushed my teeth, went to bed… and my LipSense Napa stayed put.

The next day I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, drank coffee and water… and my LipSense Napa held out. I didn’t need to reapply it until nearly 24 hours I had first put it on.

To say nothing of kissing my husband and children.

It’s funny the cognitive dissonance I experienced after I put on my LipSense. I kept checking it in the mirror or with my finger to see if it had budged. And it never did! So weird!

My mom tried Napa too for her first color. Hers didn’t last quite as long as mine did – more like 12 hours. But we both loved the way Glossy Gloss made our lips feel. I have a bad lip biting habit and was addicted to lip balm. My mom also had very dry lips and was constantly hunting for her lipstick to reapply it.

We’re both fanatics right out of the gate!

If you would like to get more information about LipSense or how to earn extra money with the SeneGence business opportunity, please contact me here.

What do you think of the Napa color?

Life is crazy. Your lipstick shouldn’t be

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