ZenSales Review

If you’re in direct sales and ship products from home, read on for my ZenSales review and why I love this tool for my business!

I’ve been using ZenSales for my business for several months now. It saves me SO much TIME and energy as well as some money.

ZenSales Review

First of all, what IS ZenSales?

ZenSales is an order management and shipping tool that helps you automate tasks in your direct sales business.

My ZenSales account is automated with Square, so when my customer’s invoice is created, it’s also imported into ZenSales. From that point, I can easily print a shipping label that costs LESS than the USPS or PayPal. No trips to the post office. Who has time for that? I ship from home.

ZenSales sends my customer tracking info so they know when to expect their product, saving me so much time!

It also has an optional loyalty program you can set up that rewards your customers for buying from you.

If you’re struggling with following up properly with customers, ZenSales makes this simple and easy. In moments you can create an automated email that goes out to customers after they’ve received their order. It’s a hands off process that your customers will love. They’ll get the attention they deserve without you spending hours of your time.

There is a free option so you can check it out with no risk.

ZenSales review

How I Use ZenSales: To Sum Up:

– I print labels and ship ALL my packages from home. No post office! Their shipping label prices beat PayPal and the USPS, saving me money.
– EASY customer follow up. You can automate this or use one click to email customers (no copy/paste or writing follow up emails)
– Customers are provided automatically with their tracking link (saves me time checking on the delivery status)

Watch this video to see a demo.

ZenSales review

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