Winter Skin Care Tips

Ah, winter! It’s fun to play in the snow, sip cocoa on the couch, and enjoy other cold weather festivities. But winter can wreak havoc on our skin. If chapping, redness, flaking and drying are not your idea of a good time, read on for winter skin care tips!

Winter Skin Care Tips

Drink plenty of water

In summer we feel hot and thirsty so it’s easier to stay hydrated. But in winter, we still need to drink plenty of fluids. Why? Because forced indoor heating can cause our skin and mucus membranes to dry out.

Drinking plenty of water helps keep our skin looking its best.


Exfoliation is important because it removes dead, dried out cells on the surface of our skin. Dry, ashy skin is not attractive but it also blocks the moisturizer we use from penetrating properly!

Shorter showers, cooler temps

It’s so tempting to linger in a hot bath or shower when it’s frosty out! But the hotter the water and the longer the soak, the more drying. Combat this by turning the heat down a bit. And immediately moisturize your body after bathing, while your skin is still damp.


Using a high quality moisturizer is so important in winter. Ideally you want your body lotion to have the same anti-aging ingredients as your facial skin care.

Remember lips and hands

Our hands and lips get more exposure to the elements than the rest of our skin. (Our faces get extra protection via our makeup.) Keep these areas protected with a good hand cream and lip balm.

Switch up your cleanser and moisturizer

In winter, I switch from normal to oily, to a cleanser and moisturizer for dry skin. You can also add a couple of drops of a facial oil like Nangai to your day and night moisture routine.

Remember sun protection!

Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean you still can’t get sun damage. Protect your face with a good daytime moisturizer with built in sun protection.

Winter Skin Care Product Recommendations:

Body Scrub and Body Lotion – because your body needs the same anti-aging benefits as your face!

Advanced Hydration Body Lotion also helps firm the skin!

Shea Butter Body Cream – a favorite for dry heels, feet, elbows, hands. I keep one in each bathroom and my whole family loves it. Also excellent for removing makeup.

Climate Control: advanced anti-aging moisturizer with hyaluronic acid. Powerful for redness, “heat” in the skin, wrinkles and dryness.

Lip Balm and Hand Cream – another family favorite. Best lip balm you’ve ever used. Our hand cream is thick and concentrated and lasts forever.

Nangai Oil – one or two drops added to your moisturizer provides intense hydration. One bottle easily lasts 1+ year! Pure triglyceride and fatty acids.

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Hope these winter skin care tips helped! Along with excellent skin care products you shouldn’t suffer wintertime skin woes.

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