What stores sell LipSense?

If you’re looking for long-lasting, smudge-proof lip color, you might be wondering what stores sell LipSense.

LipSense is an all day liquid lip color that is sold through independent distributors. It’s actually not available in stores (unless the owner is herself a distributor).

If you’d like to get your hands on LipSense I’m happy to meet your needs. Click here to shop directly or contact me via my Facebook group to see what colors I have in stock currently.

What stores sell LipSense?

If you live in the metro Atlanta area and would like to try on products in person, contact me here. If you aren’t geographically close to me I’m happy to help you choose a color you’ll love! Also remember we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love your color I’ll switch it for another or refund your money.

Do any online stores sell SeneGence/LipSense?

If you see LipSense being sold on eBay, WalMart or Amazon, beware! The company who makes LipSense (SeneGence International) doesn’t allow their products to be sold via these online stores. Read more here: Where to buy LipSense (with a warning!).

Meaning, these products are either counterfeit, expired, or being sold by an inactive distributor against company rules.

Better to get your products from someone who is actively working their LipSense business and who will give you stellar customer service!

What stores sell LipSense?

The short answer is “none”! Shop directly from the virtual store of a distributor. If you’d like to get 15% off your first order, join my Facebook group here or sign up for my email newsletter by entering your email address in the sign up box (look for the popping balloons!).

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