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Yesterday my longtime blogging friend Crystal Paine of MoneySavingMom.com did an Instagram story about LipSense. I sent her Aussie Rose and she tried it and reviewed it there. I wanted to welcome those of you who clicked on over from there to this site and tell you a bit more about LipSense!

Crystal Paine MoneySavingMom LipSense review

LipSense is a unique, patented long-wearing lip color that stays and stays. As Crystal mentioned, she wore her color all day long without reapplying! And too she experienced the “tingle” when she first applied it. The reason some women have a tingle is because of the cosmetic grade alcohol in the product. LipSense is a liquid lip color with pure color pigments suspended in a liquid formula. The alcohol is there to help it evaporate quickly, leaving behind those color pigments, and to reduce bacterial content. Since a tube of LipSense is equivalent to FOUR regular lipsticks, it’s going to last a long time! We don’t use preservatives in the product, so the alcohol is there for that reason too.

Lipsense tingle

The tingle stops instantly when the Gloss is applied, and most women don’t have the tingle after the first few applications.

LipSense color is topped with Gloss. The gloss moisturizes the lips with Vitamin E, shea butter and other botanical ingredients, and seals the color in for all-day wear. The Gloss is why the LipSense system doesn’t dry out your lips the way other long-wearing lipsticks do!

Crystal also mentioned the price of LipSense – it is $55 for the Starter Collection for a new customer, which includes Color, Gloss and Ooops! Remover to fix mistakes or remove at night. Going forward, additional colors can be purchased for just $25. Since once tube of LipSense is equal to four tubes of regular lipstick and since it’s only applied once a day, LipSense is a great value. In addition, LipSense colors can be layered to create endless color combinations. If you have 3 colors, you can make 27 unique shades (the color is applied in 3 layers)!

If you’d like more information on LipSense, please join my Facebook group LippyChic, or browse here or contact me. Or leave a comment below. Thanks!

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