Team Training

Here is a round-up of important training videos for my team organized by category.

Remember to search the team group for topics, there are most likely several posts and videos on every topic related to your SeneGence business!

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Starting Out: Your First 30 Days

  • Helpful Supplies

    • SeneDots: Download the SeneDots app, or use the online version – this is our corporate onboarding and training system. Begin going through the modules right away.
    • Supplies – on this page you’ll find a list of helpful things you can use in your business, from shipping and packing supplies to motivational books.
    • Getting paid! Set up a Square account so you can accept payment from customers. This link will get you $1000 in free processing.  Square will send you a free card swiper that sticks into your phone so you can accept credit and debit cards.
    • Your back office aka distributor dashboard: how to navigate the back office and what’s available there. Note: the videos and info above are the MOST important things you need to watch and do in your new business. Please don’t get distracted with overtraining! TAKE IMPERFECT ACTION.  As you have time or questions, delve into the following. In this gig we learn by DOING! 

Growing Your Business: Getting Customers

Recruiting & Prospecting

Social Media Marketing

Mindset and Personal Growth

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