SeneGence Maiden: I made it, and what that has to do with YOU

A week ago I became a SeneGence Maiden!

So you’re wondering, what does that mean and why should I care. Am I right?

SeneGence Maiden

SeneGence Maiden

A SeneGence maiden is a distributor who has brought 3 people into her team who are also working the business. The SeneGence maiden rank is the first leadership role in the organization’s structure.

I made this goal in only 2.5 weeks!

But there’s more. Today, just a week later, I brought in my 5th distributor, meaning that this month I’ll qualify as a Royal in Waiting, the next leadership position.

What does this have to do with you?

If you’ve ever done direct sales before and it was a failure, please read on. I had the same experience. As I share in this video, I was once involved with a company whose product line I believed in 100%. I used the products and they had helped my health. They had helped others that I knew and loved.

But that didn’t matter!

What matters in direct sales is whether OTHER people want to buy your product!

Despite working that business HARD for a very long time, I had no real success. I only got in debt buying the product!


I’m not telling you I made the SeneGence maiden rank because I want to brag. Truth be told, my distributors came to ME! It was easy and simple.

The difference with LipSense/SeneGence is this: almost every woman wears lipstick. And women who don’t wear lipstick find that LipSense solves the problems they experience (having to constantly re-apply, smudging, lipstick on teeth, etc).

By contrast, not every woman uses essential oils. Or wears leggings. Or uses natural health supplements and herbs. Or what have you.

But lipstick? The market is HUGE. And once women try LipSense, they are hooked! It’s simply superior to other products on the market.

So my making the rank of SeneGence Maiden in only two weeks does involve you. It means you can do this too!

If you have any interest, please leave a comment or email me at

I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

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