SeneGence July Promo: join a fast-growing team this month!

Have you been thinking about signing up as a distributor? Let me tell you more about the SeneGence July promo and how it can help you launch your business quickly.

This is a picture of the New Distributor Kit that comes with your sign up fee of $65. It contains 3 LipSense shades, a full size Glossy Gloss and Ooops! Remover, samples of skin care and gloss, marketing materials, tester wands, and a lovely binder to zip it all up in.

Why is this cool?

Because it’s a business in a binder! With it, you can demo your products anywhere and start getting retail customers.

But wait, it gets better! Now for the July promo with SeneGence.

SeneGence July Promo

All month, when you sign up with SeneGence as a distributor, you can get two FREE full size products with any order.

The free products are our Facial Serum Hydrating Mist and Advanced Hydration Body Lotion – an $85 value, free!. Sell these for immediate profit, or keep them to use a testers or for yourself!

SeneGence July Promo

How to Make Money with the SeneGence July Promo

When you get started with us, your sponsor (me if you click this link and join us) will throw you an online “grand opening” event. I will guide you to make this event a success so you can get your first few customers. It will take place in a Facebook group. After the party, the group will become YOUR online storefront and community.

In addition, you’ll be able to participate in:

  • our Facebook team group
  • private Training Resources page here on this site
  • weekly team Zoom calls for recognition and support
  • corporate tools such as our business apps, backoffice support and training, and much more if you need it
SeneGence July promo

My team is on track to TRIPLE our sales volume from last year. We’d love to have you with us! A few basics of our business:

  • Buy products at 50% off for immediate retail sales income
  • Earn team commissions (if you wish to build a team)
  • Benefits such as our car lease reimbursement program, luxury vacations, jewelry and other bling
  • Friendships and a sisterhood!

Not sure if you should take advantage of the July Promo with SeneGence? Read more:

Ready to get started with the July promo and get your free products? Sign up HERE (choose individual account) and I’ll be in touch shortly with your next steps!

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