SeneGence Free Signup 2021

UPDATE: For info on the SeneGence Free Sign Up September, click here. Considering becoming a SeneGence distributor? I have exciting news! In January 2021, you can signup for free! Read on for info about the SeneGence free signup 2021 promotion.

SeneGence free signup 2021 - how to take advantage of this amazing deal to set up your year for success

This an amazing time to start your business with us. It’s free – there’s no catch. You will be sent a New Distributor Kit, pictured below, once you place an order.

SeneGence free signup 2021: free new distributor kit with 3 lip color options.

The New Distributor Kit has 3 lip color options. You will choose from Bold Neutrals, Soft Neutrals, or Rich Bolds. Each Kit has 3 LipSense colors, full-size Gloss and Ooops! Remover. It also contains samples of gloss and skin care, and marketing materials. It’s a business in a binder!

If you love our products and have considered joining us as a distributor, there’s no better time than during SeneGence free signup!

Imagine yourself setting up your 2021 for success. Perhaps you want to get out of debt. Maybe you need something fun in your life, or a little “girl time”. Whatever your goal, you can achieve it with SeneGence.

Frequently Asked Questions about SeneGence Free Signup 2021:

  • Is there a monthly sales quota?

No. In order to maintain your distributorship, you order $200 retail (this is before your discount) in 6 months, cumulative. If you don’t, you’ll simply go inactive. There’s no penalty and SeneGence never charges your card for anything. Place orders when you want, no autoship.

  • Is there an inventory requirement?

No. Some distributors carry inventory because that’s their preference. However, it’s not required. Every distributor gets a free “SeneSite” and their customers order directly from SeneGence. The new Kiss and Tell preferred customer program gives an incentive to your customers. They order direct from SeneGence, and earn credit when they refer business to you!

  • How do SeneGence distributors make money?

Two ways. One, retail sales. We train you to buy at 50% off and resell products for immediate retail income. (Or if you prefer, direct customers to your website.) Two, commission on team sales.

  • Is training available?

Yes. For those who desire it, there is training available for every area of business building. SeneGence has self-guided training via an app, website and Facebook group.

In addition, as your sponsor in the business, I’m available for coaching! I have a Facebook group for you with training videos and tutorials. You can watch on your schedule. Ask questions and get answers. And get recognized for your achievements!

  • How much money can I make with SeneGence?

It’s impossible for me to say. Your earnings depend on your desire for success and work ethic. If you commit to working your business each week and are coachable, you will achieve your goals!

Would you like to hear from a few of my SeneGence distributor friends about why they joined? Watch the video!

What’s the Next Step?

SeneGence free signup 2021
I’m excited to work with you! Take advantage of the SeneGence free signup and let’s rock 2021!

If you decide this is a fit for you, awesome! The free signup is waiting. Go HERE to fill out an application. I’ll be in touch shortly.

The next step in the signup process? I will assist you in starting your business! We will schedule a launch event to help you get your first customers. I’ll be there to coach you. Fill out the application, or Contact me HERE with your questions.

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  1. Heather Tankersley

    August 12, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    Would love to sign up when they have another promotion to waive the sign up fee.

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