SeneGence Free Sign Up September: join us today!

Have you heard the news!? It’s SeneGence free sign up September!

Yes that’s right! You can sign up as a distributor with SeneGence for free this month. Start your business today and enjoy the rewards! Click HERE to get started.

SeneGence free sign up

What are the benefits of becoming a distributor during free sign up September?

I’ve written a ton about the SeneGence distributor benefits here, but let’s recap!

  • Products that work and a 20 year track record. That’s right! SeneGence is a 20 year old company with loyal customers. No company could last that long unless their products were of excellent quality!
  • Unique products. SeneGence’s product lineup includes long-lasting color technology that you can’t go out and buy in stores. In addition, we created the makeup with skin care category! SeneGence was the first company to put anti-aging skin care in their cosmetics.
  • No autoship. SeneGence never charges your credit card unless you log in and order.
SeneGence free sign up September
  • Control over inventory. You choose what to order and how much and when. There is no inventory requirement (but I recommend it because you’ll make more money with product on hand to sell).
  • 50% discount. As a distributor you can buy products at up to 50% off, with special deals your first 90 days in business to help you build inventory or get free product for yourself to use or demo.
SeneGence free sign up
  • Family friendly business. I work this business alongside raising 7 children and homeschooling. SeneGence fits around your family life, not the other way around!
  • FUN! Helping women feel more beautiful and confident is a FUN business.
  • Recognition and rewards. Most women aren’t acknowledged for the hard work they do. And if they are, it’s in the form of a tiny annual raise. No ma’am! In SeneGence, women are rewarded and recognized constantly for their achievements.
SeneGence free sign up September
  • Sisterhood culture. In SeneGence, our attitude is one of “babes support babes”. Our culture is one of support, education and positivity. Would being around people like that change your life?

Get started today! The next step after signing up is this:

  • You’ll receive a welcome email from me with your New Distributor Checklist. It contains the important info you need to get into action mode immediately and start making profits.
  • Then you’ll be warmly welcomed into our team group.
  • Your launch party will be scheduled. With my assistance, let’s get you your first customers and even teammates!
  • You’ll be folded into our training system with weekly team Zoom calls.
  • The rest is up to you!! Your business, your way. Join us!
SeneGence business opportunity

I’m excited to be working with you!! Go HERE to sign up today during free sign up September!

Note: If you need to speak with me first let’s chat! Call or text me at 678-896-6355

A few tips on the sign up process:

  • Choose Individual account unless you are an LLC or other business entity.
  • When it asks for a fictitious business name, enter your first and last name!
  • You will receive your New Distributor Kit with your first order. So I encourage you to grab one of the deeply discounted Demo Kits.

SeneGence Free Sign Up September doesn’t come around every day!

I want you to imagine yourself a year from now…

You decided to take action on your goals and dreams. You now have a customer base of women who love your products. You’ve built a team of hard-working, excited boss babes. You’re working on your big goals while having fun every day serving your customers.

There are two types of people in the world……

People who take action in the direction of their dreams, and people who let opportunity pass them by.

Which one are you?

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