SeneGence Free Sign Up 2020

Have you been thinking about taking advantage of SeneGence free sign up in 2020? Great news! In October 2020 all month you can become a distributor for free! Read on for more info on this opportunity.

SeneGence Free Sign Up 2020

A couple of times a year, SeneGence has a free sign up promo. These are an amazing time to start your business with us.

It’s literally free – there are no sign up costs. You will be sent a New Distributor Kit shown below once you place an order of any size.

If you love SeneGence products and have toyed with the idea of joining us as a distributor, there’s no better time than during free sign up!

This New Distributor Kit will be mailed to you with your first order of any size.

Frequently Asked Questions about SeneGence Free Sign Up 2020:

  • Is there a monthly sales quota?

No, we do not have a monthly sales quota. In order to maintain an active distributorship, you must order/sell $200 retail every 6 months. If you don’t, you’ll simply go inactive with no penalty.

  • Is there an inventory requirement?

No. Most distributors do carry a small inventory because they find they’ll sell more if they do. However, it’s not required. Every distributor gets a free “SeneSite” and can direct customers to order from SeneGence.

  • How do SeneGence distributors make money?

Two days. One is through the retail sales of products. I personally buy my products at 50% off and resell them for immediate retail income. We also earn a commission on our team sales.

  • Is there training available?

Yes. For those who desire it, there is an abundance of training available. For one, SeneGence International offers virtual and in-person training. As your sponsor in the business, I will also be available to you for coaching! In addition, my team has a Facebook group for you. You can ask questions, get recognized for your achievements, and there is a training archive you can review at your convenience.

  • How much money can I make with SeneGence?

It’s impossible for me to say. That depends on your time, skill level, network, work ethic and other factors. I do know that if you commit to working your business each week and are coachable, you will find success if you don’t quit!

What’s the Next Step?

If you decide this is a fit for you, I will assist you in starting your business. We will schedule a launch event to help you get your first customers and I will be there to coach you. Contact me HERE with your questions.

SeneGence Free Sign Up 2020

Starting my SeneGence business in April 2017 has been one of the smartest things I’ve done! I’ve built a team of amazing women, enjoyed additional income that has helped my family meet many financial goals, and much more.

SeneGence Free Sign Up 2020
One of the benefits of being a SeneGence distributor is the amazing sisterhood we enjoy.

CONTACT ME here for more info. Or if you’re ready to get started, go HERE to sign up. I’ll be in touch shortly to assist you in launching your business!

Don’t let SeneGence free sign up 2020 pass you by without taking action! I’d love to work with you!

SeneGence Free Sign Up 2020
That’s me on the left!

Note: I realize the business isn’t for everyone! If you love SeneGence products but don’t want to be a distributor, go here to read more about the SeneGence Kiss and Tell program so you can earn free products!

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