SeneGence Free Kit: December 2019

In December 2019, new distributors who join us get a SeneGence FREE Kit.

There’s no catch. Every distributor who signs up ($55) gets the free kit. What’s in the free kit and how do you use it?

SeneGence Free Kit

SeneGence LIPS Demo Kit

This SeneGence Free Kit is a “Business in a Binder!”

It contains:

  • A beautiful SeneBlue zippered 3 ring binder to keep everything neatly organized. Has zippered and elastic pockets to hold your goodies.
  • 5 Beauty Books (catalog)
  • Customer Order Forms
  • 6 LipSense testers in the following popular shades: Caramel Apple, Luv It, Bella, Dawn Rising, Sheer Berry.
  • Full size Ooops! remover and Glossy Gloss
  • 20 Glossy Gloss samples
  • Bag of disposable LipSense applicators
  • Distributor Glamour Demo Guide – complete, step by step instructions on how to host demonstrations to sell products

The free kit easily fits into a purse or backpack. Take it with you in your car and you have a party anywhere!

It’s simple to build a business when you have these easy-to-use tools. You don’t even have to worry about what to say to people. You have the scripts in the Demo Guide!

The business is a simple one. We demo our amazing products to get retail customers for immediate income. And we introduce happy customers to our business to build team commissions.

Watch this video to see what’s in the SeneGence free kit!

What’s the next step to get the demo kit?

SeneGence LIPS Demo Kit

CLICK HERE to sign up as a distributor. You’ll pay your fee of $55 (plus tax/shipping). You’ll immediately be mailed your New Distributor Kit (shown below) and the LIPS Demo kit.

Need more details? For more information on SeneGence distributor benefits, click here.

The TL;DR:

Then we’ll schedule your launch demo so I can personally assist you in getting your first few customers! I look forward to working with you.

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