SeneGence Affiliate: Make money with the SeneGence affiliate program

Did you know you can become a SeneGence affiliate? Yes ma’am! If you’re a blogger, internet marketer, influencer or just love our products, read on!

Earn money with the SeneGence affiliate program

Many times, a woman tries SeneGence makeup and skincare and falls in love! She wants to share the products with her friends, and maybe earn some rewards. However, the business might not be a great fit for her.

I totally get it! Running a business isn’t easy. It isn’t for everyone. Here’s where the SeneGence affiliate program comes in!

What’s an affiliate program?

If you’re already familiar with the term, feel free to skip to the next section! If you’re not, read on.

Maybe you follow an Instagram account and the owner of that account recommends a product. She tells you to click on a link or swipe up. When you go to that merchant’s site and order the product, SHE gets a commission!

Affiliate programs are everywhere. If you’re reading someone’s blog and you click a link to a book that takes you to Amazon, that was an affiliate link. It’s a way for content creators to earn money from recommending great stuff!

An affiliate earns money recommending great products to her audience. She does NOT have to stock inventory of that product or ship it out! As a SeneGence affiliate, you would let SeneGence handle taking your customers’ money and packing and shipping products. SeneGence would also handle customer service.

SeneGence Affiliate Program: Earning Potential

As you may know, with most affiliate programs, payout percentages are in the low single digits. Not so with SeneGence!

Want more info? Contact me HERE. Or, go here to enroll directly.

You’ll pay a $65 fee to sign up. You’ll get a Business Kit with 3 LipSense, Glossy Gloss, Ooops! Remover, skincare samples, marketing material, and more.

When you enroll, I’ll contact you immediately to set up an onboarding appointment with you via Zoom. I’m excited to help you get started earning money with SeneGence, a billion-dollar, global leader in the beauty industry!

SeneGence affiliate program

A bit more about me. I’m Carrie Willard, a wife and (homeschooling) mom of 7 in the Atlanta, GA area. I began my work from home journey nearly 22 years ago when my eldest child was born. For several years I ran a popular podcast. For 18 years, I’ve been blogging, writing ebooks for the Amazon marketplace, information product creation, website coaching and marketing.

Four years ago I joined SeneGence. I saw huge potential in the product line and love the company’s incentive programs. The rest is history! I’ve earned a company car, 2 luxury vacations, many other sales and sponsoring awards and in 2020, my team of distributors achieved over a million dollars in retail sales.

Want more info on becoming a SeneGence affiliate? Contact me HERE. Or, go here to enroll directly. I’ll be in touch asap!

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