Selling LipSense: how do I get started?

Are you looking into selling LipSense? You love LipSense and think selling it for extra income might be for you? Read on for more information on the SeneGence (makers of LipSense) business opportunity.

selling LipSense: is it for me?

First, what are some benefits of selling LipSense?

Own your own business

If you sign up as a SeneGence distributor, you’ll own your own business. You’ll have the support of a sponsor and a team. You’ll also have the responsibility to pay for your own business costs. For example, you will pay a $65 signup fee to get your New Distributor Kit pictured below.

Freedom to choose your own hours and marketing activities

Selling LipSense can be part-time or full-time for you. It’s your choice. You also get to choose how to market your products and how to use your talents and skills to build your business.

Getting a 50% discount on your LipSense and other SeneGence products

As a distributor of LipSense, you get to purchase your products at 50% off. You sell your products at retail price for immediate income. And, you can enjoy your own personal products at an awesome discount!

Build a team of women

Once you enroll, you can also help other women interested in selling LipSense. And you’ll earn a commission from their sales.

A few women on our team visiting our headquarters in California.

How do I start selling SeneGence products?

Simple! Fill out this application and I’ll contact you.

Then, we’ll schedule a time for a short chat to see if the business is a good fit for you. Once your application is approved, you’ll sign up and pay your $65 fee. You’ll get this New Distributor Kit with all you need to start your business.

Then, I will guide you to launch your business online to help you get your first customers and team members. Selling LipSense and SeneGence makeup and skincare has changed my life. I’m excited to speak with you about how it can help you reach your goals!

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