SeneGence Royal Ranking Income

Hi there! You’ve come to this page because you searched for information about SeneGence Royal ranking income. Unfortunately, due to Federal Trade Commission regulations, I’m not able to tell you how much money I was earning when I was a SeneGence Royal. (I’ve now ranked up to Crown Princess, as of February 2021.)

Go here for info on SeneGence income: how much does SeneGence pay

SeneGence Royal Ranking Income
That’s me, in the back on the left with the dark curls. This picture was taken at our company’s annual Seminar.

However, I CAN tell you a few things:

A SeneGence Royal ranking means the distributor has 5 distributors on their first line (meaning they were personally sponsored by the distributor), who all place a 300 PV order in the same month as the distributor, for two months in a row.

Don’t worry about PV, it just means point value and is a value assigned to retail dollars – since SeneGence is an international company, the computer had to create a universal currency to calculate commissions.

A SeneGence Royal will have a different income depending on a few things: how large their overall team is, and how high their personal sales are (meaning their retail sales of products).

Legally, direct sales companies are held to firm standards of conduct and ethics by the Direct Seller’s Association. SeneGence is a member in good standing of the DSA, and were accepted into the DSA’s rolls in record time due to their excellent reputation in the industry!

Direct sellers aren’t allowed to share their income, which is why this page, even though it’s titled “SeneGence Royal ranking income”, doesn’t have dollar figures.

I qualified for the company’s car lease reimbursement program. My car is pictured below. I love it! The business also brings me great personal fulfillment. I’m so grateful SeneGence came into my life.

Car Lease Reimbursement from SeneGence

I’ve made some amazing girlfriends who inspire me every day. One of the most exciting things is being a small part of the success of other women.

We’re in business FOR ourselves, but not BY ourselves. Are you looking for the ability to own a business with a very small investment? Are you lacking good friends in your life who support you and cheer you on towards your goals? Do you need a “something else” besides doing your role as wifey and mommy?

Contact me by filling out this application –  and let’s chat to see if SeneGence is a good fit for you!

P.S. There are no guarantees and success is dependent on the work of the individual distributor.

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