Red lipstick that doesn’t bleed – we’ve got it!

Do you love a good red lip? I know I do! But we also want red lipstick that doesn’t bleed into fine lines and wrinkles. We want a gorgeous red lipstick that doesn’t bleed, feather or smudge! Guess what?! I’ve found one!

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If you love to rock that classic red lip, a la French girl or Marilyn Monroe, check out LipSense!

LipSense is a smudge-proof, kiss-proof lipstick that doesn’t bleed (actually, it’s not lipstick, it’s liquid lip color technology!). LipSense is available in two gorgeous reds: Fly Girl and Blu-Red.

Red lipstick that doesn't bleed

Fly Girl is a gorgeous matte red with a warm undertone.

Blu Red is a stunning, true matte red with blue (cool) undertone.

Red lipstick that doesn't bleed

These gorgeous red lip colors are ALSO long-wearing! They’ll last 4-18 hours and feel awesome on. They’re long lasting but don’t dry out your lips!

For the best experience, we recommend that someone new to LipSense buy the Starter Collection. It has:

  • LipSense color of choice (over 50 to choose from!)
  • Gloss of choice (over a dozen, including Matte Gloss for those who rock that matte look!)
  • Ooops remover, a gentle, coconut-oil based remover you use to correct mistakes or remove it at night.

The Starter Collection is $55 plus shipping and handling. You can get one directly from this site, 24/7.

Or, join my Facebook group to ask questions and see better pics of the colors!

Maybe you want a gorgeous red lip on your prom, date night or wedding day. Ain’t nobody got time for red lipstick that bleeds or feathers.

Get you some LipSense girl. It just makes sense!


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