New Year Skin Care Resolutions: 4 goals for your best skin

Before the new year, many people decide to create resolutions or goals. What about taking better care of your skin? Not only does this make you look better, but it can also be good for your soul. Skin care is a form of self-care. Especially in wintertime when we may be suffering some skin care woes due to the dry, cold weather! (Read winter skin care tips here.) Consider some of these New Year skin care resolutions!

New Year Skin Care Resolutions

New Year Skin Care Resolutions: Skin care is a form of self-care, try these skin care resolutions for the new year!

Remove Your Makeup Nightly

We know we should never go to bed with makeup on our skin! Skipping this step means you won’t be protecting your skin overnight with good skin care. And if you don’t remove mascara, you give eyelash mites a food source! (Yuck! Source.)

Be good to your skin by removing your makeup each night. Then, use high quality skin care overnight to protect from moisture loss.

Recommended: Fooops! Dual Action Makeup Remover, 3-in-1 Cleanser, Evening Moisturizer, Eye Creme, and Collagen Night Pak.

Reduce Alcohol

Uh-oh. Now you may not like me very much! Drinking alcohol hurts your appearance in a number of ways: it dehydrates your skin, leads to more wrinkles, causes puffiness and bags, impacts your sleep quality (causing even more problems!), causes broken capillaries in the face, depletes collagen (leading to sagging), and more. (Source.)

Treat Yourself to a Weekly Mask

Pamper yourself and your skin with a mini spa treatment! Use a mask weekly and relax for 20 minutes while it does its thing. Recommended: Detox and Moisture Mask and Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask.

New Year Skin Care Resolutions: have the best skin of your life this year!

Remember Your Body!

Many of us focus on our facial skin care. But the rest of our body is covered with skin too! (I struggle personally with this one!) This year I created a “tiny habit” of putting lotion on my skin once a day.

Don’t forget your neck, decolletage and hands either. Keeping hand cream near your sink will help remind you to use it. Try putting a hand or body cream on your nightstand too, and applying it before bed. And of course, always moisturize after bathing!

Recommended: Shea Butter Body Cream, Advanced Hydration Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Lifting and Firming Neck Cream (for neck and d├ęcolletage).

New Year Skin Care Resolutions: summary

  • Remove Your Makeup Nightly
  • Reduce Alcohol Consumption
  • Do a Weekly Mask
  • Remember the Skin on your Hands and Body

Do you have any new year skin care resolutions you would like to share?

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