SeneGence New Releases: 5 new products in July!

Last weekend at our corporate event, SeneGence launched new products! If you’re a SeneGence fanatic like myself, read on for the SeneGence new releases announcement!

SeneGence new releases

SeneGence New Releases

Let’s see them!

#1 Limited Edition Cream Contour + Highlight Duos

What it is: Matte contour and shimmery highlight in just 3 color set options! So simple! No guessing about what shades or products to use!

What it does: Do you feel intimidated by contouring and highlighting? This set makes it EASY! Click HERE to watch a brief video on how these work. (This link redirects to my public Facebook group.)

$45 for the Duo and free bag! Order HERE.

SeneGence new releases: Contour & Highlight Duo

#2 Limited Edition DuoChrome ShadowSense Collection!

Multi-dimensional ShadowSense colors that change with the light and angle!

$22 each or for the $110 set and free bag! Click HERE to order.

SeneGence new releases: DuoChrome ShadowSense collection

#3 Limited Edition LipSense + Gloss DuoChrome Collection!

Of course, a LipSense and Gloss collection to match the DuoChrome ShadowSense!

Click HERE to order this beautiful new collection!

#4 Melt-Away Deep Cleansing Balm!

Ooh, this is the new release I’m MOST excited about!

What it is: A gentle, yet powerful deep cleanser that transforms from a balm to a silky oil.

What it does: Dissolves heavy makeup, daily grime and pollutants. Melts away waterproof and water-resistant face and eye makeup as well as other oil-based impurities that might be on the skin.

$50 for the jar

SeneGence new releases: MeltAway deep cleansing balm

Click HERE to order the new cleansing balm! Go HERE to see a video of it in action.

#5: BrowSense Volumizing Brow Gel!

Last but not least, the new brow gel is sure to be a huge hit!

What is it? A clear brow grooming gel that sets and defines while delivering clinically proven volumizing results. (Use alone or over ShadowSense or BrowSense.)

What does it do? Thickens and regrows brows in as little as one week, full results in 6 weeks!

$45 – click HERE to order

SeneGence new release: Volumizing Brow Gel

How do I get SeneGence new releases at a discount?!

Dying for the new releases and want to get them at a discount? I get it girl! Here are 3 options for you:

1: Host a Demo – Got 10 friends? Let’s set you up with a 20-minute online demo so you can earn a $25 gift certificate and discount! Contact me HERE to get on my calendar.

2: Become a Kiss and Tell Preferred Customer – Save 10% on all your orders, get free shipping over $100, earn exclusive freebies and perks including free product for referring friends! Go HERE to sign up.

3: Enroll as a Distributor – Enroll for $65, get a FREE kit valued at $110, and up to 50% off your products! You get this kit free when you sign up. Click HERE to get started now, and I’ll be in touch to help you launch your business!

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