Long lasting lipstick that doesn’t dry lips – you’ve found it!

Looking for a long lasting lipstick that doesn’t dry lips? I’m so glad you landed on this page because we have what you’re looking for!

Nobody wants to be constantly reapplying lipstick, so long lasting lipstick and lip stains have become more popular in recent years.

The trouble is, many of them dry your lips out! Yuck!

Long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

So what’s this awesome long lasting lipstick that doesn’t dry lips? I’m glad you asked! It’s called LipSense.

LipSense lasts from 4-18 hours and is smudge proof, kiss proof and budge proof. It’s a liquid lip color that deposits pure color pigments onto your lips. Then, it’s sealed with a Gloss which contains shea butter and vitamin E. THIS is the secret to why it doesn’t dry out your lips!

LipSense won’t embarrass you by coming off on your teeth or coffee cup, or your baby, husband or whatever else. It has to be seen to be believed!

For the best experience, we recommend that someone new to LipSense buy the Starter Collection. It has:

  • LipSense color of choice (over 50 to choose from!)
  • Gloss of choice (over a dozen)
  • Ooops remover, a gentle, coconut-oil based remover you use to correct mistakes or remove it at night.

The Starter Collection is $55 plus shipping and handling. You can get one directly from this site, 24/7.

Or, join my Facebook group to ask questions and see better pics of the colors!

I was SO HAPPY to find lipstick that lasted for hours, even through meals, AND felt great on. Before I started using LipSense, I had chronically chapped lips. I was totally addicted to lip balm! No more! The Glossy Gloss is so moisturizing and I love how it feels.

It’s even made my lips look a little plumper due to the increased moisture.

If you’d love to try a long wearing lip color that doesn’t dry out your lips, check out LipSense!





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