LipSense Black Friday Sale!

So exciting! This Black Friday I’m offering sales on LipSense and ALL SeneGence products in stock! Read on for my LipSense Black Friday Sale specials and discounts!

LipSense Black Friday Sale

First let me take a moment to thank YOU for supporting my business! Eighteen months ago I took a chance on myself and launching my LipSense business. It’s been an amazing ride and such a blessing to my family. But without customers, I wouldn’t have a business at all. So thank you!

LipSense Black Friday Sale!

So here are the Black Friday sale I’m offering on LipSense and ALL the SeneGence products, including cosmetics, hair care and skin care!

LipSense Black Friday Sale!

That’s right! If you’re a first time customer who hasn’t ordered yet, you can enjoy 15% off your order Black Friday (sale begins Wednesday and ends Sunday!).

To browse products, visit my Facebook group.  More specifically:

You won’t regret giving these products are not shot! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee 😍😍😍

If you aren’t on Facebook, no problem! Download the Beauty Book HERE and then email me your order.

Sneak Peek of more LipSense Black Friday Sales

In order to take advantage of these, you must be in my Facebook group! These bundled deals will drop every two hours beginning Friday morning.

All Black Friday sale orders get a free gift, no tax, free shipping AND 15% off! SeneGence products are:

  • gluten free
  • cruelty free, no animal products whatsoever, vegan
  • 97% natural, botanically based
  • cosmetics are ALL long-wearing, water resistant and smudge resistant AND
  • infused with anti-aging skin care!

Ask me about getting these products at an even better discount!

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