SeneGence Income: how much does SeneGence pay?

If you’re looking at a home-based business, you probably have questions! The most important one might be: What’s the SeneGence income opportunity? What can I earn from selling LipSense and other SeneGence products? Read on for more info!

SeneGence Income: How much does SeneGence pay?

As a SeneGence distributor, you have the ability to purchase products at up to 50% off. When you sell them at retail, you earn immediate income! SeneGence pays sales commission and team commission every Friday!


SeneGence Income: 2 Ways to Earn Money

The SeneGence business offers two ways to make money. The first way is through retail sales of our awesome products. How does that work?

One way is by buying at wholesale price from SeneGence, then selling at retail to your customers. The difference between the wholesale price you pay and the retail price your customers pay you, is your sales income. In this business model, you hold inventory so you have product on hand to immediately give to customers.

Another way to sell products as a SeneGence distributor is to use your free SeneSite. It’s a website with a unique address that’s just for you. Your customers order from your SeneSite, then SeneGence ships the products directly to them. This way, you won’t hold inventory. SeneGence charges a 5% fee for this service.

Most distributors conduct their business using a combination of both methods. They hold a small inventory of best-selling products. Then, they send customers to their website to order when they’re out of town or don’t have something in their inventory. It’s totally up to you!

The Second Way to Earn Income With SeneGence: Team Commissions

SeneGence income: team commissions!

As a SeneGence distributor, you can also earn income by sponsoring distributors to your team. You then earn a percentage of their sales as team commissions. These commissions are also paid weekly – every Friday!

How Much Money Can I Make as a SeneGence Distributor?

The short answer is, I have no idea! The long answer is, it depends on your work ethic, skill set, and willingness to learn from your sponsor who is already succeeding in her SeneGence business.

There are women on my team who earn a little extra cash for pedicures and Target runs. There are others who support their family entirely on their SeneGence income. And everything inbetween! Everyone has different goals for their business. We invite you to take a look by contacting us HERE. We’ll see if it’s a fit for you!

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