Free SeneGence Sign Up: January 2019 only!

UPDATE: this deal has expired, however SeneGence free sign up September 2019 just launched!

If you’ve considered becoming a SeneGence distributor, I just found out… We’re having free SeneGence sign up in January 2019!

Well, sort of.  😉

SeneGence already has a ridiculously low sign up cost: only $55 (hello, who can drop that in 5 minutes at Target!?)

This month, SeneGence is offering to give back the $55 sign up free in product! Making your sign up cost essentially free.

SeneGence Free Sign Up

Here’s how the free SeneGence sign up works:

free SeneGence sign up

  • Sign up HERE as a SeneGence distributor and pay your $55 (plus tax and shipping) to become a distributor
  • Your $55 in retail product credit will immediately appear in your distributor dashboard. You can immediately use it to get free product!
  • I’ll be in touch with your next steps. I’m here for you every step of the way!

Do you want something different for your life this year?

Maybe you desire to…

– Get out of that crushing debt 💳
– Give more to causes you care about 🎗️
– Wave bye-bye to your boss and daycare costs 🙅
– Join our gang of girl bosses! 💪💃
– Earn trips, bling and income based off of your efforts (not someone else’s ideas of your worth!) 💍✈️🛥️

All of these things are possible with SeneGence.

free SeneGence sign up

Let me tell you a story. 

I recently found an old journal. The last entry in it was January 2, 2017 (two years ago almost to the day!).

That day, I wrote down an affirmation. It said: “I’m on track to earn $XXXX per month from my blog.”

Blogging was what I did to earn money from home. But it wasn’t enough.

I needed more to help take care of my large family (if you didn’t know, I have 7 kiddos at home!).  So I began searching for an opportunity.

And SeneGence/LipSense popped up.

Guess what? 

I’m now earning over THREE TIMES what my goal income was, just two years ago. 

Let that sink in for a second!

There are two types of people in the world…

People who see an opportunity, grab hold and run with it….

and those who let it pass them by.

Which one are you? 

Comment below if you’d like me to reach out to you personally.

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