$55 in free LipSense or SeneGence products: Today is the LAST Day!

How does free LipSense© or SeneGence© products sound?

This month, SeneGence is offering $55 in free product to new distributors/wholesale customers. Today is the very LAST day to take advantage of the $55 in free product!

Here’s how it works:

You sign up HERE as a SeneGence distributor/wholesale customer for $55 (plus tax & shipping). SeneGence immediately credits you $55 in “SeneBucks” redeemable for anything in the product line!

Want to try our amazing foundations or anti-aging skin care? Or a starter collection of LipSense?

You’ll pay nada!

This is a great deal if you just want a discount (20-50%) on a wonderful product line. But if you want to do what I’ve done and build a business in part-time hours (including driving a car the company pays for and getting a full-time paycheck!), let’s talk!

Car Lease Reimbursement from SeneGence

I will work with you to train you in the business and get you launched right to set you up for success. You’ll be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.

And my team has FUN! There’s tons of support and cheerleading going on in my team group on Facebook.

So go here to get started!

Or text me at 678-896-6355 if you need more info. I’d love to have you join me!


**Not everyone earns these rewards. Any distributor has the opportunity to earn these rewards, but it does come from work.**

**SeneGence or any Independent Distributor do not guarantee any level of income from the distributor opportunity. Each distributor’s success depends on her/his own efforts.**

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