Free Distributor Signup: start your beauty biz in January!

SeneGence Free Distributor Signup 2022

Have you been thinking about starting a SeneGence business? Good news for you! In January 2022, you can sign up for free! Read on for more info about the SeneGence free distributor signup. Prefer to watch a video? Click HERE to join my private Facebook group and then click to watch this video.

Free Distributor Signup  January 2022

More about the SeneGence Business Opportunity

* SeneGence has been in business for 23 years and has a proven track record of success
* I’ve personally been a distributor since April 2017
* You can work your business part-time and choose your schedule
* You’ll be part of a team and have my mentoring and support
* As a distributor, you can purchase your products at 50% off. The difference between the wholesale price you pay, and the retail price your customers pay, is your profit.
* No inventory required! You can run your business entirely online if you wish.
* No pressure or mandatory training or events. I’m here to be supportive, not to tell you what to do! Training is available if you want it. You can consume it on your schedule using our free app and team Facebook group.

Free Getting Started Business Kit

This a great time to start your SeneGence business. It’s free to sign up – there’s no catch. You will be sent a New Distributor Kit, pictured below, once you place an order. You’ll have your choice of 3 options: Soft Neutrals, Bold Neutrals, or Rich Bolds.

Each Kit comes with 3 full-size LipSense, full-size Glossy Gloss and Ooops! Remover, skincare and gloss samples, disposable lipstick applicators, and marketing materials. It’s all packaged in this convenient zippered case.

Should I sign up as a distributor for the discount?

If you’re interested in getting a discount, take a look at our Kiss and Tell preferred customer program. I wouldn’t recommend signing up as a distributor for the discount. It makes more sense for people who want to earn extra income to become a distributor.

The exception would be if you plan on placing bulk orders. Your first 90 days in the business, you can get $600 in product for $300 (plus tax/shipping). If you were planning, for example, on replacing your skincare with SeneGence or want to order for a couple of your friends, it would make sense to sign up as a distributor to place a few bulk orders at 50% off.

Where do I go to get more information about the SeneGence free signup?

Go HERE to fill out an application. I’ll be in touch shortly. We’ll chat to see if the business is a good fit for you. I look forward to meeting you!

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