Foundation free makeup: the problem with it

Have you heard about this foundation free makeup movement? I have a love/hate relationship with it. Why? Read on!

foundation free makeup

Why I love the foundation free makeup trend

What I love about the foundation free movement is this: it encourages women to take better care of their skin! This is definitely a plus. When we have flawless skin, we don’t need as much makeup to look our best! Caring for our skin is so important. Good skin care DOES make a difference.

However, there’s something I don’t like about the foundation free thing…

The foundation free makeup movement is based on a myth. What is that myth?

That foundation is bad for your skin!

Foundation is NOT bad for your skin. In fact, many experts (aesthetists, makeup artists, dermatologists) say that foundation is GOOD for you skin. Why?

One big reason is because foundation protects your skin from the sun!

The sun is the greatest cause of premature aging. Foundation protects your skin from UV rays! It also creates a barrier between your skin and pollution and environmental toxins that cause complexion problems. Pollution (car exhaust, cigarette smoke, etc) can cause dulling or an ashy, grey appearance to the skin.

In addition, your skin doesn’t need a “break” from makeup so it can “breathe”. Ummm. NOPE! Skin doesn’t have a respiratory system, so¬†thinking that the skin breathes is a total myth.

Does foundation cause breakouts?

Foundation doesn’t cause breakouts if it’s non-comedogenic (like SeneGence foundation!). It’s oil free. SeneGence foundation and Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer contain anti-aging ingredients. They’re literally tinted skin care!

Our CCTM even contains antibacterial ingredients to help prevent pimples.

A good foundation won’t cause breakouts.

What CAN cause breakouts? Your dirty fingers, dirty brushes and applicators! So wash those hands before you touch your face. Wash your makeup brushes weekly and toss beauty blenders regularly and replace them.


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