SeneGence Distributor Benefits

Have you been thinking of signing up as a SeneGence distributor? Maybe you’ve been seeing this LipSense stuff all over social media and wondered what the buzz was all about? Read on to hear about SeneGence distributor benefits and perks available to the reps of this wonderful company!

SeneGence Distributor Benefits

SeneGence Distributor Benefits

Only $55 to join

That’s right! For that tiny investment, you could change your life. It sure changed mine! $55 entitles you to all the benefits of a SeneGence distributor, even if you decide to be a wholesale customer.

Purchase products up to 50% off

As SeneGence distributors, we can purchase our inventory (or products for personal use) at up to 50% off. While they’re optional, SeneGence also has new distributor kits with steeply discounted products (up to 65% off!).

Earn up to $1200 free product in your first 90 days

This program is called Fast Start. Work with your sponsor (me!) to hit this goal and you’ll get $1200 in product free to help you build your inventory, for personal use or to use for demonstration purposes.

Ability to earn income on your schedule

SeneGence gives you the ability to earn income from the sale of our products, on your own schedule. We do this by purchasing product at 50% off and re-selling them for full price.  If you choose to build a team to earn commissions, you can make money with retail sales.

(Click here to view the SeneGence distributor compensation plan)

Your business, your way

As a SeneGence distributor, you’re an independent representative. You can build your business in the way that works for you and your family. Work your business a little or a lot. Online or offline. Up to you!

No autoship or monthly sales quota, no party requirement

There is no monthly sales quota or autoship with SeneGence. To remain an active distributor, there is a small 6-month sales requirement that is easily met through your own personal product use. If you love doing home parties, great! If not, you don’t have to do them.

No inventory requirement

That’s right! While I personally have inventory and see the benefits of having it, it’s not required. Through our CDO program (customer direct ordering), your customers can order directly from SeneGence. You’ll get paid commissions weekly on those orders!

Products that WORK

No business can last without high-quality products. SeneGence products have stood the test of time (20 years in business) because they flat WORK. They do what they say they will! Women are tired of cheap, crappy drugstore brands that slide or melt off their faces and are filled with questionable ingredients.

Products that most women already use

Nearly every woman you know already uses cosmetics or skin care. With SeneGence, there’s no convincing someone to use a new technology or change their existing behavior. This is huge! Nearly every women already uses and knows how to use makeup and skin care products. This simplifies your business.

SeneGence business opportunity

Wonderful team support from the “SeneSisterhood”

Probably my favorite of the SeneGence distributor benefits! The culture of SeneGence is very different. People who work with our company as an outsider have commented on how remarkable our culture is. The SeneSisterhood is a real thing!

Earn trips

SeneGence offers their distributor force two annual trips. Imagine earning an all expenses paid trip to a luxury destination! Recent destinations have included: Disneyland, Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica, and Sydney, Australia.

International opportunity

Speaking of travel, SeneGence is open in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the UK. This means you can build an international business and be earning money round the clock. We have plans to expand into Asia and Latin America soon as well!

Car lease reimbursement

Pictured below is my brand new SeneCar! This was my first goal with my SeneGence business.  That’s right, when you meet this goal SeneGence rewards you by paying your car note – up to $500 a month.

Car Lease Reimbursement from SeneGence

Earn jewelry

Are you all about that bling? With each Royal rank, SeneGence rewards you with a beautiful ring. As you meet quarterly sponsoring or sales goals, you can also choose from a gift catalog (on top of your commissions) with beautiful gifts! And when you rank to Crown Princess, the company honors you onstage with a crown!

SeneGence business opportunity

Gain recognition for your work

Are you motivated by recognition? SeneGence honors you for that hard work! At corporate events you’re recognized from stage and in their monthly publication. You also get recognition from your upline team on Facebook as you meet goals.

World-class business and mindset training

Another of my personal favorite SeneGence distributor benefits! I love learning, and SeneGence gives you as much education as you want. From bi-weekly webinars you can watch at your leisure to quarterly corporate events, you’ll never be alone as you build your business!

A FUN business!

That’s right! This is a fun, not serious business. We don’t have to talk about people’s health problems or worry about the FDA. We simply help women feel more beautiful and confident and make money doing it. Doesn’t every girl love to play with makeup?

What are you waiting for? There are probably more SeneGence distributor benefits I forgot to mention! Let me personally mentor you in your business.

Fill out this application and we’ll take the next step together. Or watch this brief video our team created first! In it you’ll hear from distributors on our team from a variety of backgrounds, and some of our happy customers.

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