Common Makeup Mistakes (and how to fix them!)

Have you ever had a bad makeup day? No matter what you do your makeup just doesn’t look “right”. In this article, you will find five of the most common makeup mistakes. And the best tips to quickly fix them – without having to take off all of your makeup!

Common Makeup Mistakes


This is a very common makeup mistake! If you overdo foundation, it can look cakey or unnatural.

To take off any excess foundation, try this: Lightly moisten a clean makeup sponge or beauty blender with water. The sponge should be clean and almost dry. Then, press the sponge all over your face to remove excess foundation.

It’s especially important, especially for mature skin, to avoid excess foundation and concealer around the eyes. To prevent this, do the earlier step. Afterwards, press your fingertips into the undereye area. This will gently pick up excess product.

common makeup mistakes: too much foundation


Got a little heavy-handed with eyeshadow? Or it looks too dark? Follow these steps to quickly fix it:

Blur the eyeshadow toward the edges with a clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush to lift some of the color.

If it still looks too dark, apply a little bit of matte cream eyeshadow in a skin-toned shade. Use a brush and blend well. If you don’t have cream eyeshadow, use translucent powder.

A perfect cream eyeshadow to fix mistakes would be ShadowSense. Try Candlelight, Sandstone Pearl or Moca Java, depending on your skin tone. Go HERE to purchase or contact me HERE with questions.

Common makeup mistakes: cover eyeshadow mistakes with a flesh toned cream shadow


If your cheeks are looking a little clownish, try the following tip:

Use a clean, dense loose powder brush to gently buff your cheek. Some of the product will come off. If you still have too much on, apply translucent powder with the same brush, right over the blush. Or, try pressing a clean facial tissue on your cheeks to lift some of the color.


Brows are having a moment right now and everyone’s going for that bold brow. But if we put too much makeup on them, we look harsh. Follow the following tip to quickly resolve this:

Brush the eyebrow with a clean Q-tip, spoolie or brow brush, going against the grain of your eyebrow. The excess color will come off pretty easily.


Who hasn’t gotten mascara on their lid occasionally? This might be the most common makeup mistake!

Wait this one out for a minute. Continue applying the rest of your makeup. When you’ve finished, the mascara will be dry and easy to remove. Use a Q-tip to lift it off. If you try this while the mascara is still wet, it’ll make a bigger mess.

The important thing to remember with makeup? It’s an art, not a science! Keep it fun, use these tips for common makeup mistakes and have a sense of humor about it. And remember, practice makes (almost) perfect so keep trying and your skills will improve!

Looking for makeup tutorials for the every woman? Or how to avoid other common makeup mistakes? Join my “unfussy chic” beauty group on Facebook by clicking HERE.


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