Carrie’s Team Trainings

Training videos for the PerSisters. Be sure to share these with your team!

New Distributors and Getting Started:

How to make your first $300 in SeneGence!

If today was my first day in the business, these are the 3 things I would do (and why)

I’m new, now what?! Proven activities that lead to success

New Distributor Training with Lisa Tippen-Morris

Back to Basics: The Beauty Book

Back to Basics: Selling your products

Back to Basics: Booking

How to do in-person demos like Joni

Carrie’s story and next steps for new distributors

Sponsoring and Team Building

Mindset is everything when sponsoring!

Sponsoring new distributors – the words to say when offering the SeneGence choice.

“Directing” – How to offer the SeneGence Choice

How a good upline is like a gym owner

Leadership and motivating a team

How I launch a new downline on Facebook

From perfect stranger to new distributor – in 7 messages!

Inviting people to a Sneak Peek, answering objections and following up

Successful Business Practices

Consistency is a superpower: How to get consistent with these 4 areas of business.

How to make the most of SeneGence sales and promotions

Income tax and your SeneGence business

What are drip campaigns and how do they help you sell?

Carrie’s “day in the life”, daily method of operation

Overcoming Challenges and Positive Mindset

Feeling overwhelmed? How to deal!

How to turn obstacles into stepping stones

The obstacle is the to-do list: what this business is really about

3 things to do when you’re feeling discouraged

How to get your spouse and family to support your SeneGoals

The benefit of perspective and a story that can change your life

Social Media Marketing

How to get better at sales

How to be more persuasive with your social media marketing

How to get the most out of corporate events

Social media profile refresh: attract new business

How to create content that converts to sales

What is a marketing funnel and how can it simplify your business?

Why your marketing funnel should look like “Granny panties“!

How to use the Friendly app to download videos from Facebook and Instagram

Facebook parties: the How and Why

Next level Facebook party tips

Facebook parties and a printable checklist/template

Time Management

We only do 2 things: focus on the essentials

What is your “one thing”? Essentialism for your business

How to create a month’s worth of social media content in 10 minutes

Organization hacks: how to save time with systems

Time management tips

How to work your business in 15 minutes a day

How CinchShare saves me so much time posting to social media and parties

Customer Acquisition + Sales

WowBookDemoDirect: What is Wowing?

WowBookDemoDirect: How to BOOK and keep your calendar full

WowBookDemoDirect: How to DEMO

How to grow your business beyond friends and family

Vendor Events: how to find them, how to work them

Back to Basics: Selling your products

Back to Basics: Booking

Following up like a professional and never giving up

What doesn’t work: why avoid “post and pray”

Radical customer service

Goal Setting

How I doubled my sales over one summer

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