BrowSense Brow Cream: better brows now and later!

SeneGence™ has a new product to help you build better brows both now AND later! Our new BrowSense™  Long Lasting Brow Building Cream is possibly the perfect brow product! If your brows could use some help, read on!

How happy are you with your current brow situation? Brow fashion is always evolving! Perhaps you did some overplucking in the 90’s. This habit can lead to sparse brows over time. In that case, you need our new BrowSense. It contains an ingredient blend called Capixyl™  to help re-grow and thicken your brows.

BrowSense Brow Cream: build your best brow ever

Another cause of sparse brows? Aging and hormonal changes. Hypothyroidism can cause the brows to thin. So can the normal changes of menopause. BrowSense Long Lasting Brow Building Cream can help boost those brows!

Why are brows important?

Brows frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Shaping your brows can be as easy as A.B.C !
A- Start your brow straight up from the inner corner of your nose
B- Arch from corner of your nose through your pupil at a 45-degree angle
C- Brows end from the corner of nose to the outer corner of eye

A Few Brow “Dont’s

Don’t overlook brows in your makeup routine. A good brow can give your entire look more polish in a couple of minutes.
Don’t use too much product. Keep a light touch and apply more if needed.
Don’t go too light or too dark. Try to match your brow product as closely as you can to your natural brow color.
Don’t go heavy-handed in the front of the brow. Start applying product more towards the arch.
Avoid long lines/strokes, use short ones.
Don’t use a magnifying mirror- the finished result might not look natural.
Avoid over-plucking, and don’t shave brows. Have a professional shape your brows the first time, then maintain that on your own.

A Few Brow “Do’s”

Do brush up. Use a spoolie (such as the one that comes with the new BrowSense!) to brush your brow first. This creates a fuller brow and gives you a shape to follow.
Get your brows professionally shaped once.
Start with very little product, you can always add more.
Do learn how to shape and map brows!
Remember, brows are sisters, not twins!
And finally, PRACTICE!! Don’t be scared to make a mistake, you can always wash it off and start again.

New! SeneGence BrowSense Long Lasting Brow Building Cream

What’s great about this product?

It’s waterproof, fade-proof, smudge-proof color that lasts all day!
Has an easy to apply, creamy mousse texture.
It contains key ingredients: SenePlex complex (anti-aging, increases cell renewal) + Capixyl (hair growth formula).
Includes a double-sided brush for application. One side is a spoolie to brush brows into shape, the other side a stiff angled applicator.

What’s your favorite brow look? Natural, structured, bushy or full? Want to watch a brief video tutorial of each? Join my beauty group on Facebook. Then, use the links below to watch.

  • Natural brow tutorial with BrowSense
  • Structured brow tutorial with BrowSense
  • Bushy brow tutorial with BrowSense
  • Full brow tutorial with BrowSense

Which BrowSense Do I Choose?

Haven’t tried the Brow Cream yet?! Send me a selfie + I will color match you! Contact me HERE. Or check out these images. Here’s a closer look at the new BrowSense shades:

Ready to try BrowSense? Go HERE to shop. BrowCream is available in 7 shades. All are long-wearing, waterproof and have the same brow building benefits.

Your order will include the FREE brush/spoolie to apply it with!

Have you been using ShadowSense to fill in your brows? Here’s a handy guide to help you choose your shade:

BrowSense brow building cream

As always, SeneGence offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, we’ll make it right! Any questions? Feel free to contact me directly HERE.

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