black lipstick that doesn’t come off

Raise your hand if you want a black lipstick that doesn’t come off! If you love to rock that Goth look but don’t want the mess of black lipstick that smears or makes a mess, check this out:

black lipstick that doesn't come off

BlackBerry LipSense is a matte black lipstick that doesn’t smear and doesn’t come off! Now only does it not smudge or kiss off, but it is long-lasting and will stay on for 4-18 hours!

LipSense is a liquid lip color. It has pure color pigments suspended in a liquid base and contains botanical ingredients to soothe your lips.

Another benefit of it? It’s long lasting but doesn’t dry out your lips!

Take a look at these black lipstick collages featuring BlackBerry:

black lipstick that doesn't come off

BlackBerry LipSense is a black lipstick that looks beautiful on a variety of skin tones.

For the best experience, we recommend that someone using LipSense for the first time buy the Starter Collection. It has:

  • LipSense color of choice (over 50 to choose from but of course you want the black lipstick that doesn’t come off – BlackBerry!)
  • Gloss of choice (over a dozen, including Matte Gloss for those who rock that matte look!)
  • Ooops remover, a gentle, coconut-oil based remover you use to correct mistakes or remove it at night.

The Starter Collection is $55 plus shipping and handling. You can get one directly from this site, 24/7.

Or, join my Facebook group to ask questions and see better pics of the colors!

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  1. Gretta

    November 23, 2022 at 12:11 am

    I’m interested in the black and the others that you have but mostly the black that’s my primary

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