How to become a successful SeneGence distributor

Do you want to become a SeneGence distributor? Are you wondering what it takes to be successful? Read on!

Real talk for a moment. SeneGence products are for everyone. But the business requires certain qualities in order to make a success of it. Let’s review what those things are. It might surprise you!

Become a successful SeneGence distributor - what does it take?

A lot of people sign up to sell LipSense and SeneGence products, then they quit. Why does this happen? It’s because they’re unwilling to develop the qualities that they need in order to become a success.

Qualities of a Successful SeneGence Distributor

  • Commitment + long-term focus

Some people decide to dip a toe in the waters and “try” to become a SeneGence distributor. This mindset almost guarantees failure. Why? Because being successful at anything long-term requires commitment. Few people have fast success in our business. I tell my new distributors to commit to the process for one year before considering quitting. Meanwhile, they get to benefit from my systems and training.

  • Willingness to grow and be uncomfortable

Growth requires discomfort! If you’ve lifted weights at the gym you know what I mean. Our muscles have to get sore in order to grow stronger. Business is the same. We need to be willing to do things we haven’t done before. We need to learn new skills.

  • Coachable

This business is one of duplication. It’s playing “follow the leader”. (As long as you picked a good leader!) People with a bad attitude, poor work ethic, negative mindset, etc simply don’t make it. If you’ve joined someone in the business who has had success, be willing to learn from them and embrace the systems and resources they’ve created for you.

  • Business mindset (vs employee mindset)

If you become a SeneGence distributor, you are an independent contractor. You’re not an employee of SeneGence. So, it’s important to develop a business mindset. Keep profits in mind. Have an abundance mindset.

Be willing to invest a little in your business and personal growth. In addition, while your upline will have suggestions and training for you, it’s up to YOU to take ACTION. Your upline cannot and will not build your business FOR you.

become a senegence distributor - our team is made up of women from a variety of backgrounds and age groups

Now. Let’s talk about what DOESN’T matter when you become a SeneGence distributor!

  • A certain personality type

That’s right! It doesn’t matter if you’re extroverted or introverted. Fun or serious. Love details or prefer the big picture. You can have success with SeneGence because YOU have unique skills, talents, and perspectives.

  • A certain “look”

Women from 18-70 of all backgrounds are building their SeneGence business. Some are “girls next door”, others are former beauty queens. It doesn’t matter! Your customers love YOUR face and will enjoy learning about the products from you. Even if you’re not a “makeup person” or a girly girl, you can build a business.

  • A large social media following or network

Many women have built huge businesses in SeneGence after moving to a new town where they knew noone! We can teach you how to grow your network. Starting a beauty business from home doesn’t require a large social media following.

  • Being “good at sales”

Most people think they’re bad at sales, but that’s rarely true. Besides, our company and team offer training to help you improve your skills at sharing our products. Traditional sales skills are not required to have success in SeneGence. We focus on relationship building and being authentically ourselves to attract business.

So what do you think? Is a home business for you? Do you want to become a SeneGence distributor? Go HERE to fill out an application to join our PerSisters team. I’ll be in touch shortly to schedule your phone interview.

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