Beauty Society Advisor: When Beauty Means Business!

Are you considering joining the fastest-growing direct sales company as a Beauty Society advisor? Read on and see if we’re a good fit for your goals!

What is a Beauty Society Advisor?

A Beauty Society Advisor is the personal face of the brand. We play a crucial role in introducing customers to the company’s product line, providing personalized skincare advice, and doing product demonstrations in-person (if you wish) and online. Advisors build and maintain client relationships, often through direct sales, beauty parties, and social media engagement.

Beyond sales, Beauty Society Advisors are educators and brand ambassadors. We stay up-to-date on product knowledge through company training, allowing us to offer expert advice to clients. Some advisors may take on leadership roles, sponsoring and mentoring new team members.

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Beauty Society advisor kit – $59, valued at over $150

Throughout their work, they focus on providing excellent customer service, addressing concerns, and helping clients achieve their skincare, hair and makeup goals using Beauty Society products.

Is Beauty Society legit?

According to Inc magazine, Beauty Society is the 561st fastest growing company in the USA. Jeannie Lorin founded Beauty Society in 2004. We have we have grown 1,046% in the last three years! Our products are formulated, manufactured, filled and shipped from our Las Vegas, USA headquarters. We meet the highest standards in the beauty industry, and avoid questionable ingredients such as parabens and fragrances.

Beauty Society is so confident you’ll love our products, we offer a 3 month (no questions asked) return policy for cosmetics, and a 12-month money-back guarantee on skincare.

Our reorder history speaks for itself!

What does a Beauty Society advisor do?

An advisor shares her love for Beauty Society products and earns commissions on her sales. How you promote your business is up to you, but most advisors utilize social media. Extensive training is available if you need it, including step-by-step launch instructions and graphics.

Also, as an advisor, you earn commissions on a team if you choose to build one. As you train and guide your team to success, you’re paid commissions on their sales.

What Support Do I Get as a Beauty Society Advisor?

I’m so glad you asked! Just a few of the tools provided to make your endeavors with us simpler:

  • free corporate Concierge team that is ready to support you via Zoom every step of the way.
  • Weekly corporate training available for all Advisors.
  • Free virtual training that gives you easy access to product knowledge, social selling principals, tracking in your business portal, built-in email marketing and follow-up tools, and more
  • Access to customer group Society for All that sells for you with product reviews from real people

Ready to join us?

With me as your sponsor, you’ll be joining one of the fastest-growing, successful teams in all of Beauty Society. We have an abundance of tools to help you make sales. You’re not alone and you don’t have to be an expert in graphic design or social selling to make a success of your new Beauty Society business. We have a plug and play system especially designed for busy women.

Go HERE to order your $59 Beauty Advisor Kit or get started for just $1! I’ll be in touch shortly to help you get started!

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Beauty Society Advisor

Do I have to buy inventory?

NO! Beauty Society ships directly to your customers.  They also handle any returns or exchanges directly with customers.

Do I have to order monthly to qualify for commissions?

NO. We at Beauty Society want you to EARN money, NOT spend it! We only encourage you to order when you run out of your OWN personal products.

Can I start for free?

Through June 2024, you can start your business for just $1! You get a 60% off coupon that you can use within one month of your sign-up date. This allows you a huge savings on your first order so that you can have a product experience and start sharing your Before and Afters with customers.

Do I have to be a social media expert?

No! If you prefer, you can build your business in person and offline. If you decide to use social media, we can train you. It’s as simple and posting to Facebook. If you can do that, you can build your business online. You’re not alone, and we’re with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals with your business.