Advanced BTX: Your Secret to Ageless Skin

What is Advanced BTX? And why would you want it in your skincare? Beauty Society products contain this anti-aging ingredients and it’s your beauty bestie!

What is Advanced BTX?

According to SpecialChem, a cosmetics ingredients database:

Advanced BTX by AE Chemie provides advanced anti-wrinkle oxygen delivery with immediate anti-aging effect. It increases volume of dermis by 10-15%. It induces strong muscular relaxation and offers long half-life and moisturization. It purges carbon dioxide from the skin. It refreshes skin and penetrates dermis quickly. It is dielectric and allows glabellar muscles to relax and neutralize electric charge of the muscle. 


Advanced BTX is a formulation that mimics botulinum toxin (aka, Botox!) without actually containing the toxin itself.

Products that contain this “natural Botox”:

  1. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Relax facial muscles to prevent new wrinkles from forming
  3. Provide a smoother, more youthful appearance to the skin

Skincare companies use Advanced BTX in creams, serums, and other topical products as a non-invasive alternative to actual Botox injections.

For those of us in the #neverTox crowd, this is an awesome find!

Botox is expensive, can cause scary side effects, and can look obvious. Many women don’t want to use it for anti-aging. Instead, they want an affordable, safe alternative that looks natural.

what is advanced BTX?

Beauty Society offers high-quality ingredients that are on the cutting edge of beauty industry standards, and in the highest allowed proportions for over the counter products.

Beauty Society products with Advanced BTX include:

what is advanced btx

Incidentally, both of the above products come in the Beauty Society New Advisor business kit ($59, over $150 value).

Advanced BTX is also in Beauty Society’s:

  • All Nighter Age-Defying Night Resurfacer – retinol serum, a must for women over 40. It has 1% retinol and 4% Matrixyl 3000, the highest concentration of these ingredients allowed in a non-prescription formula.
  • Night Shift – Nighttime Repair Lip Mask that provides deep moisturizing treatment while you sleep. IT features moisturizers such as shea butter, jojoba oil, and carnauba wax provide long-lasting hydration for repair.

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