8 reasons why it’s easier to be successful with SeneGence than other companies

I’ve been studying the direct sales industry for years. As a blogger who hung out with work at home moms and wrote about the topic for over a decade, I had a lot of time to study it. And below I list 8 reasons why it’s easier to be successful with SeneGence than other direct sales companies.

Since becoming a distributor I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of women who were previously in another direct sales company but who made little money, but who are experiencing much success in SeneGence/LipSense.

I’m included in this group – I worked hard for a long time at a business whose products I loved but made no money. I worked my business every day, attended trainings, learned about the product, followed the system of my upline, and totally loved the products and the company.

But I failed miserably after a solid year of consistent work!

8 reasons why it's easier to be successful with SeneGence than other direct sales companies
On the other hand, I have enjoyed fast success in SeneGence.

In only 3 months, I earned the car lease reimbursement. I’m pictured below with my brand new car that SeneGence pays for each month.

I earn a full-time income and it grows every month, despite the fact that I work very part time hours, especially now that homeschool is back in session!

What makes the difference? Why did I fail so miserably at that other direct sales business but have fast success with SeneGence?

(Please note: I am NOT dissing other direct sales companies! I love this business and grew up around it. I also support other direct sellers when at all possible, preferring to buy from work at home moms than supporting big box stores. Even though I’m a happy customer of some other direct sales companies however, I have found it’s far easier to make money with SeneGence.)

After thinking about this at length, and observing and talking with other distributors in the company and those on my own team, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because of the following things:

8 Reasons Why It’s Easier to be Successful with SeneGence Than Other Companies

1) In SeneGence, we sell consumable products.

This means they have to be reordered because they’re used up (unlike a “one and done” like a water filter). And, almost all women are ALREADY in the habit of using makeup and skin care.

In other words we are not having to convince someone to change their habit or to use a product that they don’t already use and understand. We don’t have to convince someone to lose weight, stay on a regimen, etc.

Our target market is HUGE. Even women who never wear lipstick do use skin care and/or other makeup.

2) SeneGence has a low barrier of entry.

With some companies, an initial investment of thousands of dollars is required. In SeneGence, it takes just $55 to start, and you don’t have to place a large initial order if you’re not in a position to. You can collect payment and do pre-orders.

3) LipSense is easy to “wow!” customers with. 

With health products, it may take months of product use before people see a difference. It can be difficult to convince people to buy hundreds of dollars worth of health supplements before they feel better.

However, in SeneGence, we can wow our customers in *seconds* by swiping our lip color and showing that it’s smudge-proof, or by posting a quick video on social media.

4) Our business is FUN and “light”.

We don’t have to worry about the FDA cracking down on us for making health claims (as in the case of a health direct sales business), or delving into people’s personal health issues, worrying about drug interactions or deal with endless questions about safety and ingredients (this was such a pain when I was in a health company!).

We’re helping women feel more beautiful and confident and we get paid to do so! How fun is that? We get to play with makeup and make money getting in touch with our inner little girl.

5) Lipstick is recession proof.

History shows that even in times of economic recession, the sale of lip color does not drop. When people have money problems they will stop buying health supplements and clothing but women will find a way to buy their favorite lip color even if it means scrimping in other areas.

6) An abundance of training is available.

There is such an abundance of training both inside the company website from corporate and from distributors who freely share their knowledge on Facebook and YouTube. There isn’t a culture of scarcity where distributors hoard their secrets of success!

7) Our compensation plan is generous and it’s possible to earn full time income in months instead of years.

Our founder, Joni Rogers-Kante, envisioned a company with a generous compensation plan that rewarded more to the distributors rather than corporate. SeneGence is the result!

As a SeneGence distributor, we earn generous commissions on our downline team’s sales. We also have the opportunity to earn immediate cash on retail sales!

Not every company allows their distributors to sell the products at retail because everyone pays the same price, in some cases being enrolled into the company auto-ship (which is a hard sell to a new customer who doesn’t want to hand over their credit card number!).

Those companies advertise this as a benefit, but a distributor who is in the position to immediately earn cash in her first week in business via retail sales can use that money right away to put gas in her car, buy the big box of diapers, spoil her kids or herself with something new or pay a bill.

8) Stable company, not a “ground floor” with no history of success.  

SeneGence has been in business for 18 years (since 1999) and has the infrastructure in place for massive growth without folding. We have just come through a period of huge growth (over 2200% from April 2016-2017!) and dealt with slow and out of stock situations, and we have come out the other side.

Many companies who have the kind of growth we experienced last year would have simply folded!

And yet since most people have still never heard of SeneGence, we have the opportunity to be the person to introduce it to them.

What’s holding you back from joining us?

If you would like to learn more, watch this video in which I touch on these points and explain why people who were unsuccessful in other direct sales businesses are having fast success with SeneGence!

If you would like to learn more about how I’ve been able to build a team of 69 distributors, earn a full-time income including a paid-for car, please leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch.

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