7 Ways Your Skin Changes After 40: and how to deal

It was when I turned 40 that I began to notice big changes in my skin. Why does this happen? Basically, your body is saying, “Bye bye estrogen!” Lowering hormones in perimenopause (35-50 in many women) cause visual changes in the skin and facial structure.

7 Ways Your Skin Changes After 40: And How To Deal!

  1. Dryness: After 40, your skin will be drier. Eating healthy fats like avocado, egg yolk, nuts and seeds, wild caught salmon and olive oil are important. Drink plenty of water! And use extra moisture in your skin care. (More on this later!)
  2. After 40, you begin to lose firmness – especially noticeable in your eyes and jawline.
  3. Wrinkles become more visible.
  4. You may have more broken capillaries. Why? Stores of fat deplete in your face, and so do collagen and elastin, which are the structures that hold your facial tissues together.
  5. Sun spots may pop up.
  6. Increased sensitivity: your skin care routine may have to change due to sudden reactions to what used to work.
  7. Skin is more susceptible to sun damage. Extra protection from the sun’s rays is imperative!

“The number one cause of skin changes is sun exposure, which directly causes visual changes in our skin as we age,” says Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, M.D.

So how can we deal with these 7 changes in our skin after 40?!

Here are some recommendations!

  1. Use a richer daytime and evening moisturizer. Keep a hydrating serum mist handy. I love this one. If my makeup is looking crepey due to dryness, I spritz some on my face or my makeup brushes.
  2. Use a good firming neck cream to help your jawline, and an anti-aging eye cream!
  3. An effective anti-wrinkle treatment like this one, that’s proven to reduce the depth of small to medium depth wrinkles.
  4. Cover broken capillaries with a Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer. This one has green pigments to deal with any redness. It’s also very moisturizing and has built-in sun protection.
  5. Sun spots will fade with the use of abrightening treatment with Vitamin C like this one.
  6. For increased sensitivity, use SeneGence skin care. Almost 33% more individuals with sensitive skin are able to use it without irritation.
  7. Make sure your cosmetics and skin care contain sun protection! SeneGence cosmetics and skin care offer a mechanical shield – orchid flower extract and volcanic ash are two ingredients used to protect skin from the sun’s damage.

According to research published in the International Journal of Dermatology, our hyaluronic acid levels dip as we age. This can account for some of the more obvious effects of passing years.

I found this research interesting because one of our best-selling anti-aging products, Climate Control, contains hyaluronic acid!

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