7 Ways to De-Age Your Face With Makeup

Our makeup, just like our skin care, has to change as we age. Doing the same old routine isn’t helpful or flattering to us. In fact, we can make our skin look worse with bad makeup application! So here are tips on 7 ways to de-age your face with makeup.

1) Lighten Up!

As we get older, we need to lighten up our makeup. We also need to apply it with a lighter hand. Less is more! Too much makeup accentuates lines and wrinkles. And dark shades typically aren’t as flattering on women of a certain age.

2) Moisture, moisture, moisture

As our skin ages, it gets drier. So our makeup and skin care needs to have more moisture. Use creamy products rather than powders (more on this below). It’s prettier on mature skin.

Also, you may want to prep your skin for makeup with a good hydrating mist spray. I recommend and love this one. Sometimes my makeup looks crepey (especially under my eyes). Then, I spray my face and/or makeup brushes with it and see an immediate improvement!

3) Switch to a CC cream

Because of tips #1 and 2, switch to a CC cream instead of foundation. It has lighter coverage and more moisture. I love this one! Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer. It even provides anti-aging skin care ingredients.

4) Keep mascara on upper lashes

Our goal with eye makeup is to draw the eye upward. Gravity is doing enough to pull our faces down. Haha! So, keep mascara and liner on the top lid to draw attention up.

5) Keep powders to a minimum

Remember tip #2? Powders aren’t as flattering on aging skin as creamy formulas. You may only need a tiny dusting of powder on your nose.

Cream-to-powder eyeshadows and creamy blushes are your best bet.

6) Remember your brows

As we age, our brows thin. We can de-age our face by filling them in a bit. The current trend is big, defined “boy” brows. But for most women, a more natural brow is more flattering. I love BrowSense for filling in my brows and setting them. It’s waterproof and won’t smudge off.

7) Use a lip color that won’t feather or bleed

When I turned 40, I noticed that my lipstick was feathering into the fine lines around my mouth. Oh no! Not a good look!

The only lip color I know of that won’t bleed or feather is LipSense. I love it! It lasts all day even through eating and drinking.

What are your favorite makeup tips for a younger look?

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