4 Essentials For Women Who Hate Makeup!

Do you hate the way makeup feels on your skin? Maybe it’s too heavy. Just don’t want to take time to put it on? I get that too. Read on for 4 essentials for women who hate makeup. But first, why would you bother?

4 Essentials for Women who Hate Makeup

The thing is, putting on a bit of makeup can change your mood and might even cause others to take you more seriously. In fact, women who wear something on their skin (foundation or CC cream) actually age more slowly than women who don’t. Why?

Because foundation protects your skin from the sun and the environment, both of which prematurely age you. Nobody’s about looking older than they are!

So, if you do prefer the way you look with a little makeup, I present:

4 essentials for women who hate makeup

A creamy concealer

A creamy concealer will help to correct dark circles and blemishes. Done right, it won’t even show up on your face. I recommend EyeLuminator or Concealer from SeneGence. EyeLuminator is perfect under eyes as it’s a tinted eye cream. And the Concealer is creamy and easy to blend.

One color for eyes, cheeks, lips

How easy is that? Not only is monochromatic on trend for fall, but this is a super simple way for the makeup hater to freshen up her face.

I would go with a ShadowSense cream-to-powder formula in a shade like Mulberry. It’s water resistant and crease proof and can be used all over the face.

4 Essentials For Women Who Hate Makeup: an all-in-one product for cheeks, lids, lips

Pink Posey would also be a great choice for this easy look. Click here for how to use ShadowSense all over your face.


A little mascara adds a nice pop to the eyes without looking unnatural. After all, you had amazing lashes when you were little. Ha! Volume Intense mascara contains ingredients that grow your lashes, so it’s a great choice.

CC Cream

Now for one of my personal favorites! A good CC cream does several things: it provides light coverage. It protects skin from the sun and environmental toxins. And it contains skin care ingredients.

4 Essentials For Women Who Hate Makeup: CC cream

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer is literally tinted skin care. It’s awesome and for me, a must-have in my makeup bag.

And there you have it! 4 easy products to help you get your glow on, even if you hate makeup. Bonus: these products all feel LIGHT on the skin. Your face will feel like it can breathe.

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