So… Facebook blocked my account

So if you go to Facebook at the moment and search for my (formerly very active) username, you find… a whole lotta nothin’.

Wearing two of the new ShadowSense colors, Peaches and Buttercup Shimmer
Wearing two of the new ShadowSense colors, Peaches and Buttercup Shimmer – along with Garnet in the crease and for liner. Desert Topaz gloss.

A few hours ago, inexplicably, Facebook locked me out of my account. I post NO political, racist, inappropriate or controversial content. They just locked me out and gave no reason. A Google search tells me that it could be nearly a week before my account is manually checked and approved.

So this means I’m unable to contact my customers via Messenger (the preferred way most of them communicated with me). I’m unable to post in any of my own Facebook groups. I’m unable to access my business page.

With her permission, I’m using my oldest daughter’s Facebook account (which she never uses) as a stopgap measure, but even that’s limited because I cannot approve her (as me) because I’m admin in my own groups. Nuts!

So I’m asking my blog readers and customers to please opt in to my text messaging service! If you text the word VIP to (844) 384-8162 you’ll be added. There’s no cost to you. And I’ll be giving away a gloss shortly to one lady who opts in.

Also, make sure you’re subscribed to my email newsletter! Use the sign up box on the right (or below, depending on your browser).

In these times of social distancing, I am SO thankful that I have a business that is still running from home. Despite this hiccup, I’m able to contact my customers via email and text, and ship products in the mail.

In fact my sales went UP last month, despite all my in-person events being cancelled!

I urge you to look at a home based business at this time, SeneGence in particular! Go here for more info on becoming a distributor. Comment below or text me using the number above to ask questions!

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