SeneGence Royal: ranking and income

Wow. It’s unbelievable how fast things move in this business! I joined only 6 weeks ago. And I’ve just get the third leadership ranking. I’m a SeneGence Royal. This means that I have 5 distributors in my team who are working the business. (I now have 7, but who’s counting!?) And there are 11 total distributors in my team at this point. 11!

SeneGence Royal: ranking and income

SeneGence Royal

So you may be thinking, yadayadayada, that’s nice that you’ve ranked Royal in SeneGence and all, but what does that mean in terms of income? And what’s in it for me?

Great questions! That’s the bottom line isn’t it?

Well everyone’s income would be a little different depending on how many retail customers they have, and how much the distributors in their team are selling.

There are also laws that prohibit direct sellers from sharing actual dollar figures about their earnings.

But I CAN share some general amounts!

In my first WEEK selling LipSense as a SeneGence distributor, I earned enough to buy groceries for my large family (not a small number –  I have 7 kids!).

In my first MONTH in the business, I earned enough from retail sales to pay my mortgage – TWICE! And my commission check (from the sales of my team) was enough to pay my mortgage again!

To put it another way, I could have purchased two round-trip tickets to Paris, France with my earnings my first month in the business. You guys, I’ve wanted to go to Paris my whole life! I never thought I could afford to travel since I have a large family and am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom.

But now it can happen!

The most exciting part is, I’m helping the women I’ve introduced this business to meet THEIR goals. One wants to buy her sweet hubby a new truck. Another wants to quit one of her part-time jobs. Another wants to cash flow her son’s college education. Another needs some side income because her service business is slowing down.

We’re all different with unique personalities, talents, skills and abilities, but one thing is certain: we’re all having success in our businesses.

If you have any interest in learning more, I would love to have you virtually attend our live business Q&A event on Monday, June 26 at 7 PM Eastern. It will take place on Facebook. Please leave a comment here or email me privately to get an invitation.

SeneGence Royal

This business is SO MUCH FUN and I’m making more now than I did from my blogging efforts, something I poured my heart, soul and many hours into for 14 years. Unbelievable. Join us!

What questions do you have about SeneGence and LipSense?

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