SeneGence business opportunity

Are you interested in learning more about the SeneGence business opportunity? You’ve come to the right place! I joined SeneGence at the end of April 2017 and it’s been the best decision for me and my family. A few things I love about the SeneGence business opportunity and me are listed below:

SeneGence business opportunity

I’m convinced the SeneGence business opportunity is THE direct sales/network marketing gig for the 21st century. Here’s why:

Benefits of The SeneGence Business Opportunity in a Nutshell:

  • A “wow” product that is consumable – meaning it runs out and has to be reordered. With LipSense, we can show people how amazing it is in seconds by simply painting “stripes” on our hands and rubbing them. LipSense doesn’t budge. That amazes people!
  • A product that nearly every woman uses. Almost all women wear cosmetics or at least, skin care. (Yes, SeneGence has skin care and makeup, not just LipSense).
  • Botanically based, vegan, cruelty-free product line – this is something of interest to modern consumers!
  • Skin care science that works – in addition, our skin care contains ingredients proven with lab results to WORK. They do what they claim to do!
  • Low cost to get started – it’s only $55 annually to become a distributor. And most new distributors buy new distributor kits with product up to 80% off retail, to use for demos and to sell for immediate retail income.
  • Speaking of immediate retail income! In some companies, it takes months or years to build substantial income, but in SeneGence, a person could potentially make sales in their first hours in business. We can make a 100% profit on our product line by buying it at 50% off and selling it at retail price.
  • Lipstick is a recession proof consumer item. It’s true. Even during depressions, women keep buying lip color.
  • Your business, your way. With the SeneGence business opportunity, you can market your business in a way that allows YOUR personality, skills and talents to shine. Nobody will tell you what to do, but they will train and coach you if you want that.
  • Support and training – there is an abundance of free training available as a SeneGence distributor. This is optional and you can consume it on your time schedule.
  • Earning a car lease reimbursement (my SeneCar is pictured below!), bling (jewelry, gifts) and exotic vacations.
SeneGence business opportunity
My car, paid for my SeneGence
  • A sisterhood of friends, business mentors and women who will inspire, challenge and help you grow! Probably one of the best benefits!
    SeneGence business opportunity

Let’s chat! Get your questions answered and learn more about working with me:  fill out this application and I’ll get back in touch with you.

The SeneGence business opportunity isn’t for everyone, but it could be the vehicle to help you reach your dreams! Fill out this application and we’ll take the next step.

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