Partner for Profits

Partner for Profits is an exciting program available to SeneGence distributors. It’s a fundraising program and more. With PfP, you have the ability to leverage someone else’s audience and get new customers and teammates.

In a nutshell, PfP is when you partner with a person or organization and share the profits of sales the other party brings to you. As an example, you could send Beauty Books, order forms and samples to a nonprofit organization you’ve partnered with. They share those with their audience and collect orders. You take the money and give them back a share of your profit (the percentage is totally up to you!)

Think of organizations you know who need to raise funds!

  • Dance/cheer teams
  • Ball teams
  • Nonprofits/charities
  • Raising money for friends and family with special health needs (GoFundMe)
  • Schools/PTAs
  • You’re only limited by your imagination here!

PfP isn’t just limited to fundraising however! You can also partner with an individual. Ideas:

  • A busy professional woman who works in an office with other women
  • Someone who is considering joining the business and wants to try it out and get her feet wet to see how her community responds
  • A customer who loves the products and has a large network (in this case she may accept free product instead of money)
  • A boutique, salon or other local business who allow you to set up a giveaway stand or a few products for display (or a pop-up table)

Here are some helpful flyers and information on the program: