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SAHM to WAHM: How to make a profit your first month in SeneGence

This post, from SAHM to WAHM, is addressed to the stay at home mom who needs extra income, but who may not have a lot of extra money sitting around to invest in a business. If that’s you, please read on, or share this post with a mom who is looking for a legitimate business …

LipSense tips for longest wear;
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LipSense tips for longest wear

For most women, LipSense goes on beautifully and stays on for hours. Rarely, though, a woman will experience some issues that need troubleshooting. Here are 4 LipSense tips that will get you the longest, loveliest wear. To get more tips and early notification of discounts and specials, join my Facebook group! LipSense Tips There are …

SeneGence Royal in Waiting
SeneGence Business Opportunity

SeneGence Royal in Waiting: if I can do it, you can too

Two days ago, I posted that I had hit the rank of SeneGence Maiden. This morning when I woke up, my upline had posted that I became a SeneGence Royal in Waiting! SeneGence Royal in Waiting A few things are clear. One, I need bangs. Seriously. How big IS my forehead? Two, I’m not posting …

SeneGence Maiden
SeneGence Business Opportunity

SeneGence Maiden: I made it, and what that has to do with YOU

A week ago I became a SeneGence Maiden! So you’re wondering, what does that mean and why should I care. Am I right? SeneGence Maiden A SeneGence maiden is a distributor who has brought 3 people into her team who are also working the business. The SeneGence maiden rank is the first leadership role in …

The first time you try LipSense: get ready to have your mind.blown!;

The first time you try LipSense: get ready to have your mind.blown!

This is a quick video of the first time I tried LipSense. My brain couldn’t make sense of it. I kept looking in the mirror in disbelief… my lip color was still on after eating, drinking, brushing my teeth, etc. My shade here is Napa. That first application stayed on beautifully for 24 hours!