New Distributor: Your First Week

In this video, I share a bit about my story and why I’m SO passionate about you having success in this business.

What to do your first week after joining SeneGence

  • Get your launch party on the calendar immediately (I had internet issues starting at 3:48, it goes away eventually) and two reasons why it’s SO important
  • Write down your WHY – what is your goal with your business and WHY is that important to you/ how would that goal make you FEEL?
  • Become bulletproof and the reality of being in business for yourself
  • How to best use your upline and get her support.
  • How to use the Beauty Book and the Distributor Guide to the Beauty Book
  • The importance of being “duplicatable”, keeping it SIMPLE and getting started imperfectly.
  • Two reasons you need to invest in your business by placing that first 300 PV order immediately.
  • Why you can’t sell from an empty cart
  • How to start your business without using your own money
  • Why “perfect” is the enemy of success
  • The #1 MOST important activity in your business
  • Start your Candidate List and make a Dream Team list – 10 women who you would LOVE to work with. Start contacting those women with the help of your upline.

Terms explained:

  • sponsor – your sponsor is the person who signed you up into the business
  • upline – your sponsor and anyone above you in the organizational structure who benefits from your business efforts and is paid on your sales
  • PV – point value. The “currency” SeneGence computers use to calculate commissions. 1 PV = half a retail dollar. In other words, a Gloss costs $20 retail, so it’s 10 PV. It’s important to never order less than 300 PV so you can get 40-50% off and earn more profit.
  • duplicatable – doing things in a simple way that others can easily replicate, using TOOLS instead of your own knowledge/personality/etc