New Distributor: Scheduling your Business and Wow/Book/Demo/Direct

  • How to fit SeneGence into your busy life
  • Why it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with your Back Office
  • Creating your schedule and working your business in a sustainable way
  • The #1 money making activity and the focus of your first 3-5 years
  • Homework: read at least chapter 9 of Joni’s book (not a reader? Do it anyway!)
  • What is “wowing” and how to do it in person and online
  • What is “wearing your stripes” and how to use them for free marketing
  • How to easily start a conversation with nearly any woman and share your business without being pushy or salesy
  • How (and why) to get people’s phone numbers for follow up
  • Why you need to mix up in person and online demos
  • Why you should create events for your online demos
  • The different types of demos
  • What is “directing” and why you never pre-judge anyone
  • Your DMO – what to do every day/week/month in your business
  • What type of content to post on social media, appealing to different people with your posts
  • How to save time when creating content for social media, reusing content
  • If you have 20 minutes a day on your business, here’s how to spend that 20 minutes.
  • The absolutely necessary skill in your business

Sorry for the abrupt ending! A downline distributor was at my door to borrow some stuff for a vendor event 😉

Terms explained:

  • Back office – the section of the SeneGence website for distributors that you see after logging in. Your Distributor Dashboard.
  • GRWM – “get ready with me” – a live video in which you apply your makeup
  • upsell – showing/offering more product to an existing customer to expand their purchases in the product line
  • directing – offering the SeneGence choice to your customers. The choice is: customer or distributor.
  • DMO: Daily method of operation. The things you do each day to build your business
  • Filmorago app – I use this to edit my videos.
  • downline – anyone in your organization below you in the structure, your “team”