Make Money

Do Revlon, L’Oreal, MAC, Cover Girl or Maybelline pay you when you wear their products or tell your friends about them?

Yeah. Didn’t think so.

For $55 you can launch your SeneGence business opportunity and earn money from your personal retail sales and through building and leading a team of dynamic women.

If you’ve ever done direct sales before and had success, SeneGence is perfect for you. If you’ve ever done direct sales and failed, SeneGence is also perfect. Why?

Because the ladies here at LippyChic are the same. Two of us had success in direct sales and are rocking this business too. One of us failed horribly – but learned some valuable lessons about the industry.

It doesn’t matter how much YOU love your product. In order to have success in direct sales, OTHER people must love your product! As it turns out, women LOVE LipSense! It is a “Wow!” product that literally changes their lives. It’s not uncommon for women, immediately after trying LipSense, to immediately buy 1-5 tubes of it. It is EASY to get repeat customers with this product.

Also, nearly every woman already wears lipstick! And those that don’t, avoid it because of some issue that LipSense solves! (Meaning, having to reapply, smudges, lipstick on their teeth, etc.) This means that your potential market is HUGE.

By contrast, not every woman uses essential oils, wears leggings, takes health supplements, or needs body wraps. Those are great products and great companies, but lipstick is a no-brainer! Especially when LipSense is superior to other lip color products available on the market, and women can see and feel the difference immediately.

There are a few things you should know about direct sales and where SeneGence is right now.

SeneGence has been around since 1999 and experienced steady growth since then, meaning they are a stable company. But they have around 200,000 distributors right now, and most of those are discount only (meaning they’re not building a business). This means there is huge opportunity for anyone who loves their products to build a business.

Many other direct sales companies have millions of distributors. There is huge opportunity with SeneGence as our company becomes a household name.

In addition, direct sales companies go through 4 periods of growth. People who launch their business just before the “Momentum” phase have an incredible opportunity to build a huge business.

Become a distributor before LipSense becomes a household word the way Avon, Tupperware and Pampered Chef are. People will come to YOU to buy product and join your team when that happens!

Fill out this application to get more information about working with us and to see if it’s a good fit. It’s only $55 to get started and there are no monthly autoships.