LipSense® FAQ

This LipSense® FAQ page answers commonly asked questions about LipSense. If your question isn’t answered here, please leave a comment or contact me here!

LipSense FAQ

LipSense is the patented lip color product taking the beauty world by storm! It’s long-lasting (6-18 hours) but FEELS unlike any longwearing lipstick you’ve ever tried. It nourishes your lips, protects them from the sun, and doesn’t smear off. It’s kiss proof, water proof, workout proof. Lipstick that works as hard as you do!

Is LipSense a stain?

No. LipSense is a patented lip color product that performs like no other. Stains tend to make your lips look dry and settle into wrinkles. LipSense looks much prettier than a stain and doesn’t dry out your lips. If you love the look of a stain, you should probably use Matte gloss instead of Glossy.

What will remove LipSense?

SeneGence Oooops! remover will. It’s sold in the Starter Pack along with LipSense color and Glossy Gloss. Once you have the remover and gloss, you can then buy as many individual colors as you want. If you’ve been wearing your LipSense for many hours and it’s starting to wear off, you can also remove it with water and a washcloth.

How long does LipSense last?

From 6-18 hours, depending on the pH of your skin. The first time I tried it, it lasted over 24 hours! I reapplied Glossy Gloss on top of it to keep my lips shiny and moisturized, but I didn’t need to remove and reapply my color until nearly 30 hours later. I had eaten meals, drank coffee, water and wine, brushed my teeth a few times – and my lips still looked great!

How much does LipSense cost?

LipSense for beginners starts with the Starter Pack. It includes one color LipSense, Glossy Gloss and Oooops! remover. Once you had the last two, you can buy more colors! The starter pack is $55. Individual colors are $25.

Considering LipSense lasts at least FOUR TIMES as long as a regular tube of lipstick, it’s actually more economical. I don’t know about you, but I used to have to reapply regular lipstick 8 times a day or more if I wanted it to look good!

You can qualify for a discount by paying a $55 yearly fee. It’s like the Amazon Prime of cosmetics. This qualifies you for a discount of 20-50%, depending on how much you order!

How does LipSense work?

LipSense color bonds to your lips on the molecular level. When you apply it, you’re doing so in 2-3 thin layers. As we like to say, the first layer will be absorbed by your skin, the third by the environment. The second layer stays put!

Who makes LipSense?

SeneGence International, a company that since 2009, has been dedicated to offering the most effective skin care products that combine the best of natural ingredients plus scientific research.

Why does LipSense burn or sting?

Some users find that LipSense initially “tingles”. There are a few reasons for this. One is that the wearer may be very dehydrated. Drink your water ladies!

The second reason is that their lips may be very chapped and dry. Solution? Glossy Gloss! Glossy Gloss heals the lips with super moisturizing natural ingredients.

The third reason is that LipSense contains NO preservatives. We don’t want nasty chemicals on your lips! It does contain food-grade alcohol (safe for consumption, in other words) that can sting a little.

The good news is that the tingle immediately goes away when you apply your Gloss! Gloss, whether Glossy, Matte or Pearl, feels amazing on the lips. I suffered with dry, chapped lips for YEARS, despite constantly swiping on lip balms and lipsticks. These don’t really work very well because they often contain waxes and other ingredients that don’t truly heal your skin. LipSense nourishes the lips!

LipSense FAQ: Are LipSense ingredients safe?

Are LipSense ingredients safe?

Yes. Our products are FDA approved, which is remarkable considering cosmetics companies don’t have to get FDA approval before putting their products on the market! LipSense contains the highest quality ingredients and includes botanicals such as shea butter. It is also LEAD free!

Are LipSense vegan?

YES! LipSense is vegan and cruelty free.

Who sells LipSense?

SeneGence International manufactures the product and it is sold by independent distributors. For more information on the business opportunity, go here. To buy products, see: Who sells SeneGence near me? and Where to buy LipSense? 

LipSense FAQ: Who wears LipSense?

Who wears LipSense?

Women who want their lips to keep up with their lifestyle! Moms with babies and husbands, dancers, gymnasts, models, singers, cheerleaders, nurses, actresses, older women who don’t want their lipstick feathering into lines and wrinkles… lipstick addicts galore!

Celebrities who wear LipSense: Rumor has it that Jennifer Anniston and Christina Aquilera do! So does Barbra Streisand, Angelina Jolie (imagine regular lipstick rubbing off her big lips – what a mess that would be!), Candace Cameron, singer PINK, Rumer Willis and many more wear LipSense too!

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Which LipSense color is right for me?

Contact us and we’ll help you figure it out! Tell us your favorite color/brand you’re wearing, snap a pic and email it to us and we’ll find a color match with LipSense.

How to apply LipSense? Read more here!

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